Heaven’s Closet – Tongue Tied By Jacqueline & William Eyster 

Heaven’s Closet – Tongue Tied
By Jacqueline & William Eyster


Grisella looks up from her paper. She feels something that makes her feel uneasy. Suddenly her mind gets fuzzy. She thinks to herself OMG.. It is happeneing again. She feels like she is forgetting something. This has been happening to her often. Taking her coffee cup she walks into her living room area. She looks into the carved wood and glass case. she just has not felt right since buying her latest magical item. Three items from a black box marked “MY MAGICAL STUFF” sealed with this persons blood. They seemed as if they were moist or wet all the time. When you picked them up they were sweaty. Strange. She had to have it. Someone lost their entire life in the storage unit she purchased for $200.00. The terrible thing. The person owed less than that and had the money to pay for it. Upon loosing everything in the space and her car. she placed a spell on them until everything came back to her. All the years of carefully putting the christmas items away her heart in each piece of Native American and Wiccan ware. All of it will never rest until it is back with its owner. Almost all of it created by the past owner. Ever since she pulled the wand with the owl and the google eyes with the crystal ontop, the tiny crystal ball, the athame. The entire room seemed to take on a new ambiance. She used to walk in and she felt so good. Now she felt sorrow and had to quickly leave the room. She peered out of the window and thought about the car that her son had purchased. He was back and forth and all over Tennessee in that car. Even he felt uneasy in it. BUT he needed transportation. There was no reason for the sale of the items. The owner cast and blew her wishes skyward. Nothing good would come from any of the objects. It doesnt matter how you bless them. They want to be with their owner. So if you loose your job, your home is falling apart, children misbehaving, spouse wandering, sickness. You need to look for the item causing it. Did it come from a storage unit Indianapolis, Indiana?? You dont have to believe in this. It is what it is. Eventually everything will get back to her. What she failed to realize was that magic items are personal and belonged to someone until they were cleansed and given by the owner. It might not happen now. It might wait for you to get somewhere and you are thinking you life is in full gear. Then the carpet is pulled. Sadly the innocent sold objects will return them. They dont belong to them. To steal from someone is the worst thing you can do.
The day before going to flea markets and looking at shops and small out of the way places. Looking for you dont even know. You know it is out there but you are not sure. It is a longing for something. Grisella has started her Christmas shopping and loved giving unique gifts to her friends. Do you hear that? said Grisella to Marianne and Becky. They look around and they see nothing but hear music. It is coming from the speaker over there said Becky. She pointed to the building that was across from this huge church. It was inviting and calling them. They start to walk to the music and sitting meditating on a beautiful rug was a man dressed in robes and sitting next to him is his sitar. He hums and sings causing the wind to pick up and blow as they got closer to the door. He looked intently at the women. A shiver ran down their spine. He looked at the women. AS she reached for the door handle and opened the door everything went silent. Marianne said hey, where is the music? They looked out next to the building to see that it is vacant. No one to be seen. What happened to the man that was sitting singing quietly in meditation. Only the rustling of the trees. They entered the room as the music that ended outside was recreated inside the building. They looked around and the room seemed cluttered and everything so close. Hello, they called out as they were walking. Grisella looked up at the clock with no hands and seemd to get an erie feeling. Beside it was a piece of wood that pointed to the clock with no hands. It read. YOU ARE RUNNING ON GODS TIME NOW!! They came to a set of long drapes that seemed to cover up a big window. Pulling them open they let out a yell. Angelina stepped out say Hello my name is Angelina how may I make your wishes come true for you. Startled Becky said. Lady you scared the daylights out of me. Angelina smiled and said, Well do you consider that a blessing or would you rather I put it back. They laughed. Angelina smiled. Marianne felt very uneasy and suggested maybe another place for them to go. Maybe we should move onto another store. I feel claustrophobic here. Angelina turned and suggested her looking at some jewelry. That seems to be something to ease your mind. Marianne smiled and said YES!! what do you have? She stepped to the case immediately immersed in the bright bobbles and shine coming from the case. Well said Angelina to Becky and Grisella you need magic wares??
Grisella said. I do not need them, I just collect unique things and I give them as Christmas gifts. That is nice. I have an entire section. We had actually a donation of things. They have not been properly cleansed and the cry for their owner. They both laughed and Becky said come on give me a break. I dont blieve in that. WELL understand this. The creator of anything always puts a bit of himself into an object. When it is stolen or taken in such a way that the bond was never broken. Those involved will all suffer until the items are returned to the owner. So you are saying they are cursed? said Casella. No Angelina said they were never given freely. They were taken in a way that person had no say. The owner vowed for everything to return to her. It will. Here is the isle of new stuff we have recently recieved hopefully you find what it is you are looking for. Becky grabbed the tree that held candles. Angelina she said I think you have a leak back here or alot of moisture? No she said quietly. They are weeping and sad. She quickly placed the tree back. Oh she said rolling her eyes. Creepy place!! Thanks Grisella. She made her way over to clothing and left Crisella by herself. Everything was so beautiful. Alot of Native American stuff she thought mixed with books on Natives, animals speaking, Wicca, the book Lord n Lady. Hmmm thought Grisella. JRM was engraved on everything. That is strange. She found a box marked MY MAGIC STUFF.. She opened it and said WOW. The red felt on the bottom cushioned the wand. The was a necklace with a tooth. bottles, a small crystal ball, an athame, a car key and a small heart that was cracked that had the intials JJM. Other little things the owner held sacred. She closed the box. She would take these and she grabbed the native items. A water pitcher looking thing, a flute, a Native American pipe, a leather pouch and some pictures and a few books. All of them moist to the touch. She saw aq flash before her eyes. It looked like 4 women performing some kind of ritual and a black demon of some kind rose up from the floor. They were not the original owner. She heard them call it Chaos. Stay until you tear them part. Then she saw a woman lying on the bed crying next to the window. Saying she was sorry. She didnt want him to leave. She felt tears rise in her eyes. Her chest got tight. She put the pillow back.
Maybe when I get them home I will put them in the sun and dry them out. She felt like she had accomplished alot. AS she walked to the register. The ladies came together. Becky and Marianne empty handed. Grisella said You are not buying ANYTHING!!?? Not from here said Becky. Will that be all said Angelina. Yes and can you wrap them in paper. Of course she said with a smile. She slowly began to wipe them off and ring them up. Are you sure you want to buy those? Do not give me that stuff for Christmas said Marianne out loud and laugh. This is junk!! Angelina looked at Becky and said. It was someones life possessions is what it was. Not to be made fun of. This was someones treasures. She laughed and said If you say so lady. AS she backed up something tripped her. Wait it was a plant she must of stepped on. The ivy had wrapped around her foot. They walked towards the door and looked outside. It was so dark.. What time was it?? They looked up and saw the moon creeping out in the sky.. Crisella looked at her watch. It was 8:30pm. Where did time go, it seemed like noon when they went into the shop. The sun was high in the sky. That is weird. I hope you dont have to return anything. They laughed and went to the mini van and got in. Lets go get dinner I am starved!! OK they chimed and turned on the radio. They ate and finished their night out with a toast to see each other again tomorrow. AS they clinked the glasses in celebration. The glasses exploded sending wine everywhere. They sat in shock as the waitress ran over with towels. That ended their evening. Each went home to have really strange dreams. They were walking and ended up at Heavens Closet and they were being pulled towards the door. They didnt sleep well all night. Waking up exhausted. It was 3:00 AM on the button. Grisella awoke to the soft sound of crying. She got up and said Hello?? Who is there?? She say a figure go down the stairs. Never hearing the steps creak she followed the figure as it disappeared into the living room area. She flipped the switch on. As the room came to life with light. Nothing. Not a sound. She heard it!! At least she thought she had!! Maybe she was dreaming. OK back to bed. 6:30 am comes early. Climbing the steps to her room she felt chilled. She laid in the bed and listened to the house shift and the clock flip numbers. She closed her eyes. Nothing. The next thing she knew her alarm was going off and it was 8:00 AM. How in the world?? What happened?? She jumped up as her cell phone was ringing. Hi are you ok says the voice thru the phone. Yes, why do you ask? Because you had a 7:45 meeting and you are not here? OMG!! she cleared her head. I will be there as soon as I can.
Marianne was up and playing with her young daughter. She was laughing and pointing at the corner behind her. What is so funny? It is the funny man in the corner mommy!! He is making faces!! Dont you see him, he came home with you last night.
Becky was already in her art studio and had just started her new vase. She loved her pottery. She remembered what Angelina had said for some reason. What was it? Something about your creation becomes apart of you? Yes. Something like that. At that point she could understand it. AS she peered up at the mirror she saw a figure behind her. Startled she jumped and said who is there?? Looking back into the mirror she saw nothing. Hmmmm… She molded the clay and started to mold her work.
Strange what happeneds. Does our story end here? No actually it just begans. Do you think objects can really miss their owners? Can someone really come in and release a demon in your home? I believe they can. Some people are so hurt and disappointed they reach for whatever they can to strike back. Even if that person sent them healing. They cannot see the good you sent or did for them. Their pain even tho self inflicted is so deep. Wounds that you think will never heal. They will but you must stop picking at the scab. Stop doing wrong. But you have to ask yourself. What happened. How did she get herself into this mess. She was recalling something. Wait a minute. In her dream a very sad woman called out to assist her in her spellwork. Three other women swayed and lent their powers to bring this about. This will give them back what they deserve. One woman did not feel right about this. Are you sure this is a good idea? I gave up my life to help another she said. They had all met and a man had questions about the craft and told to come to her for help. Her and her husband were devoted to the Pagan world. Him maybe more Norse. I could offer money if you will send this woman away. She has come to my home. Problem is my mother claims to want her here. I need total destruction and for her to be sent away. Someone said she had been a practicing witch. I found the other one. They intitiated themselves in. I need her gone. That is fine. My ladies and I will help you.We need the community can take it all away. She is attending school where? OK We start there. WE make it to where she is in debt. WE take her job from her. Then make it impossible for her to get another. Do you have access to her friends. I am going to where she used to live. WE have a P.I. in our family we will slowly take everything she builds apart. if she creates music we will take everything when she leaves. I will switch out the drive on her computer. You know it all seems so far fetched but she will just look crazy like what I did to my mother. I didnt want her to come. She destroyed our plans. Now I want everything taken from her. My brother gave her money hoping she would take it and leave. She didnt and she really thought my mother brought her here for her to do better. I dont care what it takes I will pay. Are you willing to give up your husband. I need you to make her fall in love with you. But keep her at arms length. Can you do this? Yes he says as he comes out of the dark. I was trained to do this. He laughs as he already has plans to take her heart, destroy her however he has to. He sees her alone, penniless, crying.. But she had other plans for him and his friends. You have to remember it doesnt matter who you call upon to detroy someone. That is correct they all will get it back.. What if she say it from the beginning and say the pay out to her benefit? All the laughter, drinking and plans to destroy her. Over the lies of another. No one wins in this situation. He takes her heart, she spills her entire life of pain.. He vows to never hurt her like that. But in the devlish smile. He tries to claim her and destruction begins with the signing of the place they would call “ours”. I think back.. That must be real love if you can sacrafice your husband for money. All he has to do is totally destroy someone. When one thing stops working you go to a new height. Why doesnt he discuss his past. Where are all of his friends? His heart in somewhere else. You are constantly put within harms way. You know what you know to be true. You are told of its falsehood and you are crazy. You are not. The plan simply doesnt work. Coming back and putting her heels on was she that absorbed into the dream.. How did she recount that. Why did he or they do it?? What was the ending result. If her belongings were to go away. It was easier to make her go away. She grabbed her heart. She felt like alot of promises were made. Time was running out on a contract that was uppose to be fulfilled. Alot of money at stake. She would think more on it later. She took the necklace with the dragon holding a crystal ball in her hand. This meant something to someone. When she placed it on her neck. Flashes coming fast almost knocking her to the floor. Arguing, a figure being thrown into a wall, anger and threats to take her out. Grisella pulled the necklace off and threw it. She grabbed her purse and headed for the door. She left it on the floor. What was wrong with her. Shaking she closed the door and headed for the steps. The brisk air caught in her nostirls just so that they froze when she took that breath in. What happened to the owner??

AS Grisella walked thru work like she were in a daze. She excused herself in the meeting. She just wasnt feeling right and she stumbled to the bathroom. Standing in the bathroom mirror, everything went black. Swirling as the scene comes into sight. She is under a window and is listening to everything. She is dressed all in black including her boots. She listens hoping to hear something. She hears men talking and a woman with a heavy southern accent talking on what sounded like a speaker phone. There were quite a few people there. The voice said, well she is still alive. I left to go to my sisters. She was running a fever and she was suppose to die!! That bitch took her to the hospital. Then I had to deal with my sisters and brothers. If she is going to interfere with us. WE will take her out. I got her and her boyfriends signature thru the city. They used their names to help me. But he knows. I asked him to get into the business. He said no becuase she told him to.. BUT that is ok.. I will ruin her. WE would have been rich beyond our belief but that bitch came her from New Jersey. WELL I tried said the southern Voice. She and her girlfriend asked me point blank. I told to it was ok to move here to Tennessee. He laughed out loud. Dumb ass thought we wanted to be friends. So money works with poor people. I proved that to her. I went to the small trailer park and I started handing out money to people. I said there was more where that came from. I reached out to the blues. If I get them in my pocket. I can bring her friends and ruin her. AS long as people keep working together. It will happen. Take out her podcasts next.. Go to the owners of the podcast company.. Offer money and a support. They will grant us access. I got to all my brothers and sisters/ Put doubt in everything. THEY said they would help. She claims to be a witch. WELL.. Lets see her use her powers he said with a snear. I will ruin her. She doesnt fully trust him. He needs to be shaken up.. Tell him he needs to step it up.. We have them in an apartment. I think she has figured it out.. She wont use what she has against us. BECAUSE she doesnt like to hurt anyone. I told her. ANYONE CAN BE BOUGHT. EVERYONE HAS A PRICE. I can manipulate them.. I can reach out to my brothers and sisters in flight. They will do anything I say. She is my family and she already knows it is us. She asked me not to take their son and have them all committed. I had everything there and then.. But these people are stupid and do not even realize they are all being played. If I come down. I take them all out with military strategy. That is why I do not want people to figure it out so I keep up the promises. I think some people are opening their eyes. So the man was meant for her and her husband was suppose to be returned to her.. Chaos is deadly.. Not only can it be put on someone or placed in someones home. But demons do not stay where you place them.. You have now called on them and we have to put it back. It told her you need to put it back.. Then I find out she is a Book Witch. She can only read and find spells they do not come from within. She cannot just spin a spell. What now? Then her image re emerged. She wet her face and was nauseated. She came out sweating and said she was leaving. She made it home in silence. No radio. Just thought.
She made it home kicking off her shoes at the door dropping everything. She was starting to get dizzy she dropped on the couch. She walked out of an alley. It was dark she hears music loud. country, blues, rock as she walked by the bars. People seemed to move out of the way.. She looked pale and sickly. She passed out. She woke up in a hospital her arms tied to a bed. The nurse came in. She was having a problem talking. The words were coming to mind. She was trying to force them out. What happened? The nurse said in a truly southern accent. Well hello. How are you feeling Miss? I.. am.. Gris-….. I … am Grisell… I am Grisella. My head.. is.. heavy… The nurse came over and took her hand. The nurse called for the Doctor. Dr. Fontanew came in. Hi.. How are we doing Grisella??? Feeling like she were tongue tied and dry. Where.. am… I?? You are in Nashville, Tennessee. Where are you from? Jersey. How did I get here?? said Grisella. That I do not know. It was said someone saw you come from an alley. You had no identification. You would say out loud. I dont want to go with that man on the boat. He is trying to kill me. Who is HE?? Grisella could not even remember anything. Can you do a blood test doctor? I already did. We are waiting for the results. Being able to talk more freely. I dont take anything except asthma meds, a tylenol when needed. I do not smoke or drink anymore. You are dehydrated he said. You have blisters on your feet. Do you know why you might be here? No she said quickly.. He would never believe that something magical had brought her there. Well, I will be back with your results shortly. Just rest if you need anything press this button. She looked at the window and saw light peeking thru. How long had she been there?? Nurse, yes she said. How long have ai been here 2 days. OMG!!! her job!! She got up to go the bathroom. Her feet hit the cold floor and was a bit of a shock. She felt electricity and cried out as she sank and vanished into the floor. The nurse screamed and fainted. Grisella hit her body with such intensity she almost sat straight up. She looked around.. Wide awake now she went up the steps she used a hanger to pick up the necklace which had an unusual glow to it. OMG.. What is this she cried to herself. Shaking she brought the necklace back downstairs to add to the collection. She opened the case. Laid the necklace carefully next to the magical items. She could see the beads of water. It was like tears. Her heart hurt. She picked up the phone and dialed the number on the card stapled to the bag.
Heaven’s Closet Angelina speaking how may I make your dreams come true? Angelina!!! Yes Grisella she said. What have you learned? Grisella froze. What do you mean? Well what did you learn of Jannine the previous owner? Shocked Grisella started to cry. How do I help her. She is being baragged by lies and torment to keep her from reaching her goal.. She stopped a woman from being killed. All the woman wanted to do was return home. She and her children tried to destroy Jannine and take insurance money. They are still pursuing her. A woman gave up her marriage for monetary gain. Alot of lives were turned upside down by the daughters husbands family. Very good we know that already said Angeline. Where is she hiding? Are you asking for the family or to actually help her? I know her step father got information that was passed along by the husband of her sister. But why she asked? Well someone had made a bad deal claimed Angelina. He stole money and ideas from many people. The sister closest lied. They all tried to end her. Now. They will loose everything. WHY?? Jannine took all the love she had in her heart for them and the wanting to know and love them as her family. Then, sent it all back to them. You can make a trip or call on this witch person to try to out run a curse already on the family. Each generation all the way back has had a horrific event happen trying to pursue money. This goes all the way back to the death of a Native American Chief that was actually family to his killer. His family was cursed on the Chief’s last breath. They are trying to force something on her. She is in hiding until the authority finally arrests them and brings them to justice for their injustice. Alot of people will suffer in this. They will loose everything they own on down to their families, friends and those that had helped and never realized they were being used. They sat on her couch, they came as friends, they embellished all in the name of taking her down. It comes from every direction.. When someone lies like that. It will happen that way.. The backlash will be great. Everyone got what they needed. A car, a home, a new job, a deal, monetary gain, business contacts. All done to work against her. Now they thought they had tied that knot tight. What she did was rub vaseline in the rope. When they tried to tie it tight. It keeps slipping apart. and slowly coming undone.. WHY? She did have the gift of sight. She saw ahead to what was happeneing. She thought that after they tried to hurt her. They would stop and learn their lesson. They wont stop. She sees people back peddling, yelling into phones, alot of chaos not for her but for all of them.. The tower of cards is falling. Accidents that were planned for her are now reversing and being played out like a movie. They will read this and know.. They sealed their doom. Admit, ask her forgiveness and turn yourself in. That is what I say. Grisella you have done well. There is a knock at the door. Jannine steps into her house and hugs her tight.. Thru tears she says thank you so much. Grisella says angelina? the line is dead. she tries calling the number back. It says at the tone. You have a reached a number that is out of service, check your number again number 777665. Grisella smiles as she leads Jannine to her wooden box. Hello said Jannine to her magical items as the case takes on a loving glow.
“Can objects really save their owner? Will objects actually do things telepathically or do what they can to help their owner that they were ripped away from? I hear sirens.. Let them suffer their own fate. Let them loose everything and try to tell everyone that they were being set up. No one believed them as the evil laughed and kept her from employment. Did things to make her ill, took advantage of her heart. she had been hurt enough. But the man from New York was familiar. How did she know him? She smiled as she remembered a younger man at the time in Poughkeepsie, NY it was the 7-11 working with Shannon. She remembered him now.. A smile and singing as he came in as the fire blazed across the street from the car explosion.”
Story Written by Jacqueline Eyster
November 22, 2016


By Jacqueline Eyster
The holidays are upon us once more. today was a significant day for one of my losses. I had the overwhelming need to write.
“Sometimes we do not know anything about a person. Even if you have been with them for many years. You may think you know their favorite drink or food. But you do not know the pain and trauma they have suffered. It still seems funny to me that after all of these years things that break our heart never really go away. They remain dormant. When you loose a pregnancy you loose a part of yourself. I am not looking for pity and am not feeling sorry for myself.”~ Jacqueline Melini-Eyster
I had woken up but fell back to sleep. I have been exhausted the past few days. When you hear on the news horrid things that parents are doing to their children. My heart breaks. I just don’t understand. How could God let that happen? I know with all of my pregnancies I fell on my knees begging that I be able to just have ONE child of my own. Just one not many. I would have loved many but just one. My body was just not strong enough.
But they come to me from time to time. I will dream of all of them. All of us together and playing and laughing. The echo of the laughter I think is what brings the most tears. I know these dreams are real. When they know I am down and out and I need a lift. Or if they feel I am trying to forget about the pain. They come to me. In the dream my 1st pregnancy took me by the hand and asked me to look in my wooden box. i opened it and of course cried with happiness and it was the picture of them. Both of my boys.
I think I had start to harden my heart. Seeing all of the things happening to children. I was angry and wanted to know. Why!!! Why did they have to go??!! I said in anger.. WE, Joe and I would have been great parents. But I guess they needed to be there. WE would see them all again. I needed to get past the hurt and know that most women that couldnt conceive never even knew what it was like to have achild within them. To know the love and the connection. I will always have that. Anytime you have a pregnancy between two people. That bond is unbreakable one that you will never have with another. At that point when you create a life, that life makes the two of you one. It is a part of you and apart of your spouse.
For many years I hardened my heart. My only solace of happiness for Thanksgiving and Christmas was to celebrate with our families and be around all of the nieces and nephews. It seemed like between these holidays is when I had lost them. I felt like it was unrelenting. I had started to hate Spirit/God and withdrew from everything. I prayed everyday and my final loss was December 2007. I guess I just plain gave up.. WE had been trying and trying then I was told I could never get pregnant. THEN out of the blue October 2001 I was floored when I found out that is why I wasnt feeling well. It wasnt the flu. I bought $30.00 of tests many different kinds. WE were very happy. December 24th I wasnt feeling very good. BUT I wanted to have a big Christmas. So I pushed myself. December 26th was not so good. WE spent the evening at the hospital. There is nothing worse than being put on the “Preggers Wing” I called it. WE felt very alone and like we went thru it alone. But we were told it would happen. If that miracle happened. In December 2007 I laid under the Christmas Tree with our dog Paulie and I cried. I was 39 years old and I was told that was it. I could not get pregnant again or I would die. I found children to adopt. I didnt care what race it was. But some people have a reputation to uphold.
I was crushed and grew angrier. Everyone around me was having babies. I felt tortured as Joe did. When two people want something so badly. One will blame the other and that will start tearing at the seams of a marriage. It didn’t help of a constant reminder. “You don’t have any kids so…” tossed in our faces on a daily basis. I took it personally VERY PERSONALLY!! I knew it hurt him to. He just didn’t show it like me. And he just tried to keep the peace. The decline in my marriage was me pulling away.. Then the name calling and sleeping apart. Blaming each other for things the other couldn’t possibly have done. I never thought in a million years it would rip it apart. But it did. I kept going to the doctors saying I didnt feel right can someone help me. One of my favorite doctors I worked for, for a short time. I said Doc P I feel like I am loosing my mind. I cant think straight. I cried and I gushed about how I felt. He said. Jackie, time heal the wounds. It is going to take time. He said he wanted to try me on some meds. But he didnt feel I really needed them. I needed time.. He was right.. All the things he said began to happen. My heart healed slowly. Not completely. That will never heal in my soul until I am with them again.
Why am I writing this? I am hoping that someone will read this. I want you to look at your beautiful creations. Yes, you created a life wthin your body and realize how lucky you are.. You were entrusted to love this life and them love you back. That is the most precious thing you can have in the love between mother and child and father and child. Those of us that get to share and enjoy in it are very blessed. I consider myself very very blessed
In my dream my child told me. You know mom you got what you wanted. I said I did thru tears. I said, but you are not with me. They said but we are.. All of us are. After I got up made coffee. I was crying I took a drink of my coffee and I saw between my Nutcracker and my tiny Christmas Tree I saw a picture of my step son. ONE came to mind. I did ask for ONE . LOL.. I started to laugh. I then started looking at pictures of the three of us. Him in his slippers dancing and singing with my Santa Claus that he loved so much.. Him laughing and saying it looks like Christmas threw up in here Jackie. I used to tell him that Christmas was a special time for me. And that he made it more special than he ever knew. He of course didn’t understand. I hope he would just know how much joy he brought to my life.
It is 2016. I don’t look back on my life being depressed. I am a little sad. BUT I am hoping this will catch the attention of those of you that forget just how precious the life you created and brought into this world is.. Nothing is more precious than a child. Nothing. I am hoping when you read this. You run out and grab those babies. Now matter what age they are. They are still you babies. To My little Peanut Thank you for being the sweetest little boy in the world. To Jennifer, Donald and Anthony Jr. I will always love you. You will always be my babies no matter how old you get. Mother’s and Father’s if the Step Parent loves your child. Let them. You have given them a gift that they are very blessed to have. Jealousy is not an option. You should never feel threatened. That is just more love and understanding for the child. My happy memory is waking up on Christmas morning and getting to see your smiling face. Hot chocolate. The one thing I can rely on. All children get older and they see that the step parent isnt that bad. They are not mean or cruel.. I am the one with the biggest heart. I love all of my children equally.

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Esmoid Ellsworth Meaner Elf Written by Jacqueline & William Eyster

Esmoid Ellsworth Meaner Elf
Written by Jacqueline & William Eyster

As all of the elves busied themselves. Esmoid Ellsworth better known as Meaner Elf was bored. Happicai Elf came up smiling and said whats wrong with Meaner?? I am bored said Meaner Elf. I have built toys, I have made cookies with Mrs Claus, I helped refit Santa’s sleigh with the C.N.O.R.R.T (Candy Nuclear Outburst Rocket Reindeer Thruster) in which you worked hand n hand with Scooter Doo Industries North Pole Defense Initiative. you helped plow all of the snow, I went on the cave expeditions to find new speariment and peppermint caverns, I biked the Swiss Elf Alps, I ran the Shorty 100 in New Elf City, raced a Soap Box Racer at the IndyElf 250. . I think I need to try maybe gift wrapping!! AS the idea made his eyes light up light Christmas Tree Lights.. SEE said Happycai Elf. Happycai Elf and Meaner met many years ago. when he was helping Mrs Claus make cookies and candie for the childrens stockings.
There are many jobs here you havent tried. Meaner Elf went to see Santa. Hello Santa, well Hello Meaner Elf! How are you today? In a better mood I see. Well, maybe. I was wondering if I could try gift wrapping. Santa looked at Meaner Elf. You know Meaner Elf that you cannot get angry and just tape things anyway you want. You have to do everything precisely when you cut the corners they have to match up. Your bows have to be straight. I will tell you what Meaner Elf, you take the gift wrapping class and pass. I will put you on the Gift Wrappers Team. OK said Meaner Elf he even smiled!! I can do this. Meaner Elf went down the Holly Hallway to where all of the Elf Professors were working diligently to get their graduates done before Christmas Eve. Excuse me Professor Elf Grouch Master. Ya!! What do you want? I am Meaner Elf and I would like to take the 1 day Gift Wrapping Class. Where do I sign up?? You need to go 2 doors down and see Professor Elf Sweet Pea, thank you he said. Meaner Elf went down the Holly Hallway and tapped on the door. Hellloooooo said the voice. Do come in!! He came thru the door to see such a beautiful sight. Wrapping paper of varied colors, bright bows, colored tape. OH BOY!! Are you starting the class? Ummm yes I am Professor Sweet Pea. There is an empy spot right over there. He marched over and was ready to attack his pile of gifts. OK class are we ready. YES!! They alll shouted out together. OK lets pull our paper out. Meaner Elf grabbed the paper and pulled. Not realizing it was loose, it shot across the table and down the side. He was flushing green as he rolled the paper back. And of course the roller Squeaked, squeaked, squeakeeeeek. OK. Now that you have your paper pulled evenly. Grab your first toy and place it in the middle of the paper. And….. Meaner Elf grabbed the toy and put it in the middle and started pulling the paper up around it. He was taping when. Professor SweetPea says. No Meaner Elf. Just place it in the middle. It is not a race. I am going to show you corner by corner how to wrap beautifully the most intricate toy. So Meaner Elf pulled all of the paper apart.
SLOWLY drew the paper to the end of the table. and lifted the corner and slid it to the center of the box. Very good. Now a small piece of tape. Holding the wrap with one hand and pulling the tape with the other was going to be hard. Meaner Elf grabbed the tape and gave it a good tug and the tape flew at him going 100 miles an hour. He was covered with tape. Professor Sweet Pea came over. she smiled and gently help pull the tape from Meaner Elf. He was not happy and getting edgy. Small pieces she said. Meaner Elf put a piece on it. He pulled the tape with his thumb and had to peel it off. So it wouldnt stick. So he grabbed another piece. Ok it stuck enough. grab the other peice of wrapping paper and pull it up to meet that piece said Professor Sweet Pea. He gently grabs the other piece and pulls it over. Pull it taut, Meaner Elf pulled it more. No wrinkles class. So he pulled a little bit more and a little bit more and RRRRRIIIIPPPP.. The class looked at Meaner Elf. He smiled and quickly removed everything pulled the paper to the edge of the table and recovered himself. OK both sides taut and taped. Now he looked at the edges. He pictured just rolling them up and taping them. now we need to corner each side so that it folds in with now creases. Now he is starting to sweat a little bit.. If it should tear a little it is ok. It will hide in the fold. Meaner Elf thought, WHEW I GOT THIS!!!
Meaner Elf brought the corners together perfectly. GREAT JOB MEANER ELF!! He smiled. This could be fun!! He completed and taped his package. OK now comes the bow. Carefully take the edge of the ribbon and PULL SLOWLY MEANER ELF she said with a wink. He pulled the sliver n white ribbon. OK.. We are going to loop n tape then we will cut and fray the ends. Meaner Elf was getting the hang of it quickly. Slow down Meaner Elf. WE are not in a rush here. Take your time she turned on the Christmas Music and they all began to dance as the wrapped gifts.
Meaner Elf worked thru the class following the instructions of Professor Sweet Pea to the T. He was then walking around class showing everyone how to make the corners with out ripping them. Making beautiful ribbons and bows. He was very proud of himself and everyone was thankful for his help. The class ended and Professor Sweet Pea brought his certificate he was so happy. He said good bye to his classmate and off down the Holly Hallway he walked. HernyYeller Elf yelled out, MEANER ELF!! Come have some warm drink with us!!! I have to see Santa 1st. OK said HernyYeller Elf I will wait for you here. Meaner Elf went to find Santa. He found him checking his list twice of course. Excuse me said Meaner Elf he was so excited. I did it Santa!! Can I go on the Gift Wrappers Team??!! He handed Santa his certificate proudly. Very nice said Santa. Can you start on 2nd shift? Yes I can. OK, need our best wrappers that will make everything look great for the children. Thank you Santa. Your most welcome.
Meaner Elf strolled back to “Coffee n Candy Shack” . Hey there HernyYeller Elf!! I am going to gift wrapping for Santa. Iye he said. I guess you wont be chopping down candy canes with us workers. Well you do what you feel you would like better said HernyYeller as he slapped Meaner Elf on the back. HernyYeller was a stout and strong elf. He is part Wee Viking on his fathers side and part Irish Leprechaun on his mothers side. He was quite loud as he wore his viking horns proudly. Do you think you will like this job? I think so said Meaner Elf. It is different and I definetly wont get bored. Why are you bored so much Meaner Elf? You did all kinds of stuff when you were a young Army Elf you were the Sgt. of Santa’s Secret Squirrel Action Team. I thought that would be enough but I guess that isnt enough. You need that much excitement he smiled. Well put on a happy face Meaner Elf and know u have done well for yourself. Meaner Elf finished up his visit and got back to getting some rest before his shift. Meaner Elf walked back thru Santa’s Work Shop and out into the cold blowing wind. As he got into his elf sled he headed for his house just off Garland Avenue. This place has built up to needing traffic lights. WOW.. Meaner Elf walked into the warmth of his home. He put wood on the fire. Plugged in his tree, showered and hopped into his comfy bed. He was off to sweet dreams by way of the cookie express.
He woke to his alarm of Christmas bells ringing. He stretched and very excitedly got himself ready. He poured a piping hot cup of Hot Chocolate with extra mint. He needed the energy.

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“DEMON BE GONE” – Heaven’s Closet Fictional Story Written by Jacqueline Eyster

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“DEMON BE GONE” – Heaven’s Closet
Fictional Story Written by Jacqueline Eyster



“Sometimes the old saying, “You cant see for the forest for the trees. It is for real. I keep hearing that beautiful calling of Sitar Bob and the golden voice that can redirect the wind. I follow the sound the music as it directs me out of my front door down the sidewalk. I take a left and keep walking. I pass a beautiful old home and see my magical muse and he sits under a tree playing his sitar. He nods to me and taking one hand points down the street and tells me to “follow the path in song, just be aware of what is at your back, you hear but you do not listen”. I smile and nod. Again as I am walking I suddenly feel alone. I turn and the leaves are running in the spot I just heard the music coming from. I turned and said Sitar Bob?? Nothing just the wind. Was that my warning?” ~ Jacki Eyster Songastry

I am not claiming innocents in anything. I have done my share of bad not intentionally. I was hurt so I struck back at others for something done to me. I hurt people that I shouldnt have hurt. They were innocent. But when someone intentionally comes into your life and tries to poison and disrupt your life. That is not drama that is harm. How do you fight harm?? Light candles? Say prayers in hopes God will hear it?? Great spirit?? Do I believe demons are real?? Yes I do!! I have encountered something really bad. It has been sent away from me and my home. NOW it is being destructive in other ways. I felt uneasy and thought it was coincidence. It wasnt. I felt studied and that my life was targeted. Maybe I am over reacting. MAYBE.. But personally I am not willing to take that chance. Evil breaks thru into this world everyday. Sometimes it feels like we are in the worst part of hell now. Lets see. Unseasonably warm. Presidential election is a sham. How much further can we go? Everyone wants money money money. Yet you need jobs. BUT enough of that. I am listening to Lauren Price-Shadows.


I usually have very good senses I can sense hurt and pain from a mile away. I noticed someone seemed like a friendly but hurt riddled face. When people let go they either become over confident OR take your friendship for a joke. I write stories about my hurts. I had been looking for a magical place to go. I never saw it on my phone. THEN out of the clear blue. POOF THERE IT WAS.. Magic?? HMMM>> I will leave that to your imagination. The Harp was a local magical store that you could buy goods for your spiritual needs. I loved it. I couldnt wait to go back. As we sit right now. I feel my spirit being pulled there. We went to one of the local shops. I was looking for something heart felt and something magical. It didnt feel right. But I thought I had gotten my energy crossed. I didnt at all. The owner had just told me.. SAY NO!! THAT IS THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION.. NO! IF YOU SAY THAT.. YOU WILL BE BETTER OFF.. I let my heart step in and say. OH JACKIE!!! HELP THAT PERSON.. Last night from behind I heard laughter and SUCKERRR!! But that would be rightfully so coming from a Succubus. They exist. I never knew I myself had been one at one time I believe. Everything this person did mirrored one of my experiences. Was that just coincidence. NO!! I dont know how many times I had yelled out.. Take physical form you Son of a bitch. It did. It was right in my pathway. It knew just what to say and how to say it. When a child is involved my heart sinks. Then it runs to others that claim they know the difference and are blindly lied to by it. There was a movie once called “Beloved” great cast Oprah played the mother. I think those that truly believe in God. You better grab your Bibles. It has taken its stand. I will fight what I have to. I refuse to fear it. BUT if you cannot see thru the blank look overwhelming feeling of despair. You are not seeing it.
I am taking a class Tuesday on Psychic Protection. You all may laugh. This is very real. But that is where dabbling comes in. You cannot dabble in the craft. You either believe or you do not. It is not a game it is a religious belief. You cannot use this to get your husband back. I was told that. If you set something free, if it comes back to you. It was meant to be yours. Doing things involving the very young and innocent wont help. The others may not seen the evil you opened because you have been hurt. It is called bringing it on yourself. I have done that also. I have gotten that witch off my back. BUT I wont allow it to return to my life either.


Something in my mind is telling me to listen. I sat for a reading with the most amazing spirit Mark. I had been told many times in my life. “Jackie you hear. But you dont listen.” How true is that. VERY!! But how did he know that?? Did he guess it?? NO.. he saw it. I believe if you believe in people being good. That should help sway the ones wanting to be bad. It just doesnt work that way. I just try to do that when I walk by someone with an evil heart. You can almost see the swirling black cloud around them. I felt a kinship to one of the spirits. I felt I knew him I didnt know how. I just felt a connection. Weird huh. Funny thing I dont drink alcohol anymore, I dont smoke cigarettes anymore, I take my prescriptions, diabetes/GERD/allergy.. Exciting huh?? AND THAT IS IT!!
I try to help when I can. Why do I feel drawn to people in pain or hurting. I want to make them feel better. I wish I had a magic wand that worked to help people that are sick and in pain. BUT I take offense to someone that makes a mockery of me and my feelings. By listening to some sick headed person with real demons. IF YOU CANNOT SEE IT.. THEN DONT CHALLENGE WHAT I SEE. Your very words will haunt you. Someone said it best last night. When someone unknowingly opens something with a Outja Board. THEN chaos assumes. Strangely enough how we were at the store. We were standing there and I keep protection around myself.
Everything came tumbling down. I suddenly got a really bad feeling. I felt like something bad was coming. It did and I have to learn I cannot heal a bad heart. I cannot heal a bad soul. I did try and it caused complete chaos in my house. We looked over the notes. I noticed something peculiar. I saw HER name then the spirit said “EXOCERCISM OF”. What we had been writing was actually backwards. We used an EVP not a Outja Board which was the lie told. I felt animosity sitting at the table like I had done something wrong. Not at all. It was a lie told on me trying to protect the evil seeping from another. But you should have known that before defending someone that obviously lies and has issues.
*She* said I have a feeling something bad is here. I felt it from her. She claimed getting weak. My spirits were trying to get her out of here. I was exhausted and drained. That is what a Energy Vampire does. They wear you down to nothing. I did it to myself. THEN accepted a gift as a token of frienship so I thought. I was not that at all. When we were doing the EVP the spirits even told on my husband for his thoughts. That what was transpiring between the two. You cannot dismiss this. I felt blessed. I already knew it. They just verified it from the other side. My home is a very blessed home. I do not have anything bad here. I have spirits that are a blessing to me. Until now I have barely taken the time to get to know my spirit guides. If you are bad. They will swarm you and want you out. My apartment is finally settled down.


Now the way I see it. You can take it or leave it what I speak of in the story. Is it fact or fiction. You decide. Was I really told to go to the magical shop?? Is all of this for real?? How can you tell someone out of one side of your lips that you are what you are. Tell someone dont keep thinking what you have is a fluke. It is for real. I have to truly stand back and see if what I have been witness to was real or is it a money game?? You cannot tell someone to believe in themselves and that you see something in them. THEN not see a demon for what it is. I saw it. It sat in my house. It talks, walks, seduces… When I called it out. I told it. My husband is not up for grabs. I also said I know you. I have been you before. How do spirits tell you that someone has a demon and needs to be exocercized. Do you believe them? Do you believe what you hear? It was Halloween the veil was at its thinnest. When I come to you as a friend. Then you turn around and tell horrific stories. The heat went up high. I kept getting a burning feeling behind me. Something was pissed off and directing it. Flies also?? You decide. Am I making this up?? OR am I telling you a real story.. You decide.. You all know me for my outlandish behavior, dressing, speaking out, my wild imagination♥
Jacqueline Eyster 11/08/2016


September 24, 2013 at 9:05am


You have been told
You Have been warned
Stop the dirty spell work
U have no power here
Its getting old.

I’m sorry that your hurt
Though you try your scrying
You think your spells have worked

U drown ur sorrow in the booze
A bottle of wine should knock out those blues
As you mock someone elses pain and sorrow
Ur realizing what WAS URS TODAY

Ur the one who told him to
Gather his bags and place them by the door
You just didnt want him there anymore
Understandably tired from the fight
That seemed to go on day and night

While tender little ears
The one whose face was moist with tears
Finally a little one lets loose with his fears
This is your own doing u cannot face
So again I ask of u to go haunt another place.

It has been said.. it is done.. this u know
You are hurting everyone more

Your love of power, fame and money
Trust me, thats all u can count on honey
I dont know why U FEEL BETRAYED
If you had loved what you had
You should have asked back then for him to stay.

All this craziness and all the fight
U keep bringing to our door step
You have no right
I will tell u again

Stop what u r doing or the hurt will be prolonged
Take ur evil doing of u and ur sisters and BE GONE!!!

Love Jackie **********

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Warnot Ryks & The Great Reese Cup Caper
Story written by Jacqueline Ryks Melini Eyster & WillIam E Eyster Jr.
Illustrations William E Eyster Jr. & Jacqueline Melini Eyster
This book is dedicated to the love Will N I have for each other. Our Family N Friends that stood
by us for all of this. To all of our Vets N Soldiers N Earth Exploration for being there for us.
Love  Jackie N William 
Awakening from a deep and restful sleep. Rowan awoke in his room in Indiana. As
the light trickled thru his window blinds. He stretched that long stretch, the one that felt soooo
good in the morning. He swung his legs off the bed, his mind wide awake. He grabs the remote
and hits ON. You hear classic cartoons coming thru the speakers. As you hear the antics of
Tom N Jerry begin to play. His belly tugs and speaks to him. BRRRR ROWAN..
HUNGGGRRRYYY…. He looks down and says OK TUMMY!! BLUE BERRY POP TARTS !! Off to
the kitchen Rowan goes. His young cousin Nick is still fast asleep inspite of hearing Tom N
Jerry. Slowly Nick opens his eyes, from under his warm blankie. He covers his eyes as he tries
to peek in the direction of the window that appeared to look like a “Box Of Angels” the light was
blinding. From a distance he hears Rowan singing the Tom N Jerry theme song. His nose
catches the smell!! UMMMMMM… I smell POP TARTS!! YAY!! Nick throws off his covers as he
runs into the kitchen. Morning Rowan!! Morning Nick. Rowan already had 2 plates and 2 cups
of milk. Nick asks Is Aunt Jackie and Uncle Will up yet?? No say Rowan. it is Saturday and dad
likes to sleep in. Ok says Nick with a smile. Thank you for breakfast Rowan. You are welcome
Nick. As he messes up Nicks hair as they both walk down the hallway of dreams.
Nick is Jackie’s nephew he is 6 years old. Rowan is Will’s son he is 10 years old. Rowan
goes to the towel closet. Hey Nick, I have an idea. Whats that says Nick with a twinkle in his
eye. Lets do a floor picnic!! O.K. says Nick… Whats a floor picnic?? When I was your age Daddy
and Jackie used to do this for me as part of our family time. Before they got married and we
used to do them when I went to visit they lived in Tennessee then. Rowan then laid the towel on
the floor and pulled it back as close to the bed as he could. He sat their plates down ontop of
the towel on the floor. OK have a seat Nick. Nick says this is so cool Rowan. I think I am going
to have a really good stay with Aunt Jackie, Uncle Will and you. I see says Nick we can sit here
and watch cartoons while we eat our breakfast. They both watch Tom N Jerry happily eating
their blueberry pop tarts. Rowan hears a whizzing noise on commercial. Nick absorbed by the
carttons does not.. HMMMM…. what was that thought Rowan?? OH probably nothing. He goes
back to his cartoons. Nick smells coffee brewing, Aunt Jackie and Uncle Will must be up. Nick
and Rowan carry their plates and cups into the kitchen.
GOOD MORNING!!! WE’RE AWAKE!!! Cries out Nick as he runs to his Aunt Jackie jumping into
her lap. She gives him a big warm hug. She says, did you sleep good?? Yes, says Nick. Rowan
goes back and puts the towel into the laundry room. He runs as fast as he can amd jumps into
his dads lap. MORNING DADDY OH!!! Morning Rowan as he hugs his son tightly. They look at
each other and laugh. Well son, how did you sleep?? Really good I love having Nick stay over.
We played Wii then went to sleep. Will said, YOU PLAYED WHAT?? UNTIL HOW LATE?? Rowan
said, BUT DAD WE COULDNT SLEEP. Nick was a little scared so we put the head phones on and
played Wii until we started getting sleepy. I tucked Nick in and turned off everything then fell
alseep. He was getting to be such a big boy. Nicks hair all tussled from his sleep. Aunt Jackie
said, Oh my Nick..You look like your Opa Ryks. You look like the wild man of Borneo. Laughing
out loud. Nick jumps down from Jackie’s lap and says, Come on Rowan lets get dressed. It
was cold snowy blustery cold outside. You could hear the wind whip by the house. BRRRR…
Rowan said to Nick. Then all of the sudden Rowan noticed the Reese Cups were missing from
the television stand. Rowan said Nick did you eat any of the Reese Cups last night?? No.
Remember we stacked them up in a triangle. HMMMM. Pyramid Nick. Maybe they fell back
behind the T.V. They noticed a few dust bunnies looking up at them. Hi Rowan and Nick said
the dust bunnies. Hi Guys!! Have you seen any Reese Cups. As they looked underneath the
bottom of the T.V. stand. They said, nope we dont see anything. Rowan and Nick said OK
thank you. Your welcome they said. Well if you didnt eat them and I didnt eat them. NICK!! IT
WAS DADDY I BET. Actually my daddy is the donut monster. WHAT!!?? said Nick says in
surprise. HE IS!!! Ya says Rowan.. You cannot keep donuts around daddy. We went to Dunkin
Donuts one night when I was younger. The man looks at Jackie and said, How many would you
like?? She said 12 please. The man gets a small box and starts putting donuts into the box
Rowan giggles at the memory. YOUR GONNA NEED A WAY BIGGER BOX!!! MY DADDY’S THE
DONUT MONSTER. We all laughed it was so funny.
As Rowan smiled, Nick we have to find those reese cups Nick. Nick said, MAYBE A MOUSE
TOO THEM?? HMMMM.. They let their imaginations kick it in. They both pictured a mouse trying
to pick and take the reese cups without knocking them down. Nah, said Rowan. Nick says kind
of scared at his own thought. ROWAN MAYBE IT WAS A GHOST??!! They let their imagination
go. They picture the ghost trying to grasp the reese cups and the laugh out loud. He just
couldnt grab one, as it went right thru his hands. Nick, Daddy and Jackie dont allow ghosts
here. Dont worry about that said Rowan. Nick smiled at Rowan and said OK and gave a high
five. Rowan thinks to himself, daddy is being funny. So they leave out of the realm of make
believe. Rowan calls out, DAD, DAAAD, DAAAAAAD!!! Will from the livingroom say, YES ROWAN
IN HERE SON. Rowan and Nick walk into the livingroom. Ok dad! Did you eat our reese cups??
How about mine Uncle Will says Nick. You know you being the donut monster and all. Nick
smiles. You hear Jackie laugh loudly from her chair reading the paper. The paper was shaking
with her laughter. AUNT JACKIE DID IT!!! says Nick. NOOOOO, says Aunt Jackie, I cant eat that
anymore sorry boys. Rowan neither myself or or you dad ate them. OOOOOK…. As the boys
darted down the hallway of dreams into the realm of make believe. You hear the boys laughing
and rough play. Lets play Wii says Nick!! YEAH says Rowan. Thru the day into the late
afternoon the boys played and laughed. Getting to know each other. Rowan felt like he had
little brother, and Nick felt like he had a big brother. Nick had a wonderful big Alexis, she was
away at college. Mommy and daddy were on a trip to St. Louis for dads job. Nick wanted to
meet Rowan and Rowan wanted to meet Nick. So it worked out perfect.
Its dusk and both Nick and Rowan are ready to take their baths. Rowan decided to go first.
Nick said it was good with him he wanted to finish playing his game on Wii. Rowan showered
dried off and got dressed. He was about to brush his teeth. When he looked up, he saw written
on the steamy mirror was  More Reeses Please  .. He brushed his teeth and quickly came
out of the bathroom. Nick was not there. HMMMMM>>>> I bet Nick took the reese cups and
hid them as a joke. he turned to look at the beautiful delicious pyramid of… WAAAAAIT A
MINUTE!!! Rowan said to himself. WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE REESE CUPS???!!!! All of
them are GONE NOW!!! He saw this strange glow and heard like chattering of.. metal…. He
pulled up his jammie pants high. Quickly he jumped and looked behind the dressor,
AHAAAAAA!! he yelled as Rowan was startled backwards at the sight before him. A small
spaceship with a … LITTLE BLUE MAN.. WITH ORANGE HAIR… Rowan backed up. WHAT IS
GOING ON HERE?? Rowan then said, OH WOW!! Hi little guy!! Come out, so I can see you. As
Warnot manuevered his ship from behind the dressor. Rowan heard a noise like paper being
dragged along the wall. They looked at each other. Soo says Warnot with a smile U.R. his boy??
Rowan in disbelief reaches forward to touch the ship. It was cool and slippery to the touch.
Yyyyes. I am a boy. You said HIS BOY?? who did you mean. Your father is William?? Yes says
Rowan surprised. I have known William for many many reeesapas. Whats a reeespa asked
Rowan. On your planet it means years. Rowan smiled so big when he found out his dad was
friends with him. Where are you from?? Whats your name?? How did you meet my dad?? My
name is Warnot Ryks. I come from Reesotopia, where for many years my government has had
an intergalactic contract with Hershey Inc. We use our abundant natural resources of chocolate
and peanut butter to produce the mouth watering candy known as Reese Cups. With a gleam in
his eyes, a grin on his face, two thumbs up he completes his sales pitch for his planet. Rowan
from side to side, up and down. It didnt work this strange black looking thing was stuck to his
ship. Rowan says, do you mind if I help?? Sure says Warnot. Rowan pulled off the wrapper. It
Warnot hung his head. Yes.. Yessss. It was me. Why didnt you ASK, you just took them??
Warnot looked at Rowan with his big round eyes. I am sorry. It was a long long flight from my
planet. When I got here, it smelled like home. AWWWW.. OK Warnot I understand. They started
to discuss how he knew his dad and how he found him again.
Nick finished his game and he heard a strange noise coming from the hallway. Then a
whizzzzz go right by the door. Rowan was still in the shower. Well, I’m a big boy thought Nick. I
will go and look by myself. Grabbing his trusty plastic holster placing his cap guns in their
holder. He then puts his cowboy hat on. He then says, OK PILGRIMS, LETS SEE WHAT YA
GOT!!. He puts his back to the wall easing his way down the hallway. He sees the sink light on
then he hears noises.. VVVVVZZZZZZZRRRRR.. What is Aunt Jackie doing?? He jumps thru the
doorway, creeping around the corner of the chopping block island. The noise getting louder.
What could it be?? NICK FEELS SCARED UNTIL….. He feels his trusty cap guns and they are
loaded. FUN>> FUN>> FUN>>!!! Nick hears tiny voices argueing. HUH. he thinks. He destinctly
hears… BUT I WANT BAMI!!!! WING LING… NOOOOOO!!! says Bing Ha Whoo to his twin sister
Wing Ling Ha Whoo. I love egg rolls brother!! BUT cant we take a little bami.. I HAVE
we need egg rolls to get home!! Nick walks from the side of the counter in total amazement.
His mouth open he says out loud.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH AUNT JACKIE’S EGG ROLLS!!!
Frozen in place, they slowly turn around shakings with fear. They were caught!! As their eyes
adjust they see a little boy in a cowboy hat, little boots, and plastic six shooters in both hands.
totally stop what they are doing and turn around. What are you?? Who are you?? Why are you in
my Uncle Will’s and Aunt Jackie’s refrigerator?? Shrugging they both start talking at once in
Eggrolian. Nick says, STOP!! He holsters his guns in exasperation. One at a time please. As
they both step forward. They take hands and bow in unison. I am Bing Ha Whoo and this is my
twin sister Wing Ling Ha Whoo. We are from the planet Eggrolla in the Trossi galaxy. We need
fuel Nick Welsh Sheriff. We are so sorry to disturb. Well says Nick, if you need food thats ok.
My Aunt Jackie makes the best egg rolls. Wait as small as you are, how are you eating them??
They are so big?? How do you get them on the ship?? Nick exploded with questions. We use the
S.H.A.R.P. it is the (FUEL SUPPLY HARNESS AND REMOTE PROSTHETIC). So its a shrink ray. I
see. They show Nick how it works, they grab onto an eggroll as it moves thru on the conveyor it
becomes smaller. We zap it like this, says Wing Ling. Then it goes into our storage under the
ship for when we get hungry and we need fuel. Sooo, your ship eats egg rolls?? asks Nick.
Nooo says Bing Ha. We eat the egg rolls. Nick scratches his head. I dont understand. Could
you explain it better. I am only 6 years old. Oh ok says Wing Ling. See, we eat them and we
make the ship go with our brains and thoughts. WE tell the ship to fly. Ya… Ok.. says Nick
unbelieving of what he is hearing. Can you make me small like you?? asks Nick. Ummm, yes
we could. It has been a long long time tho. How come?? asks Nick. Well your Aunt Jackie grew
up. She isnt little anymore and has a family now. Most kids of the people we protect cant see
us. They dont believe in make believe and play video games, phones, computers and they look
past us. BUT YOU BELIEVE?? RIGHT NICK. That is how you can see us. Nick grabs his toy
guns and ducking behind the counter. BANG.. BANG.. BANG…….I take the bad guys to jail.


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Stories By Jackie & William Eyster

“From the sky you shall jump and be merry..
From the ground you will spin your will in an old story..
From out of your life you shall write of great things..
From you shall Spring with rain of Mother Earth..
From Summer shall be kept warm all the blooms of rebirth..
From the Fall as the leaves will turn and rest at the trees feet..
Shall blow in the winter as he will cover the ground with deep sleep..
You will spin your spells and do your workings speaking with Mother Nature..
She is your religion, your love, your treasure..
So watch what you speak against one another..
Watch and do not burn candles to attract someones other..
To break up homes, lives, jobs, businesses and marriages that is to do unto a curse..
Think long and hard before you put trouble first..
The backlash you will cause will only be worse
Seek only those that seek you and clear your mind of all of the hurt..
Do Not believe the lie, be careful and mindful what is behind their eyes..
Look deep into them, look inside ..
They want what they want, they may bring challenge and jealousy into your life..
They will try to bring discourse and turn friends into foes needing a dime..
So when you lay your head on your pillow just right..
Be mindful what they have inside, make sure they are worthy and want just you..
To turn to their world might turn your heart from red to blue..
Think hard from your bedside tonight..
For what you send out from your room..
Your heart committed to spin the tales
Beneath The Witches Broom…………………..


The Spooky House of the VTI Circle Carterville, Illinois By Jacqueline Eyster

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Stories By Jackie & William Eyster

The Spooky House of the VTI Circle Carterville, Illinois
We used to live on the VTI Circle in Carterville, Illinois. It housed EMPLOYEES from the Marion Prison. It was a giant circle of homes that were like over 100 years old back then. SCARY CREEPY AND HAUNTED THEY WERE!!! Anyway whole other story. I remember we moved from the Haunted House in Herrin. SERIOUSLY!! The home we lived in was beautiful. But the stairs had been removed from the house and the entire upstairs was walled up. I used to get this scared feeling when I went by there and never knew why until years later. Anyway. We moved out of the scary house to a really scary house. I remember the 1st night we were there. I kept hearing noises from behind the wall. I heard chains. Then I would smell pipe tobacco. I would hear singing like old blues. Really sad. NOT NORMAL..
Anyway, we got moved in and all of the kids from the circle would play together. It was funny we had a great mix of people there. We were talking and a few of the kids that lived in the other houses started to talk about hearing things and seeing things. I was like HUH!! I then chimed in and told them what I heard when we moved in. These homes still had coal shutes and you got that black smoke and stains on the ceilings. We are talking 1976/1977. That night my twin sisters and I went up to bed. They had a queen size bed on one side of the attic sized bedroom. I had a full size on the other side. I lay down with my book. We had finished watching “Family” with Kristy McNichols. She was young then. I looked over and the twins were alseep. I felt my eyes getting heavy as I started to fall. I awoke and it was dark. I went to move and there was someone on both sides of me!!! I yelled, my sisters yelled!! it was them. I said. Why are you in my bed? They said they got scared. And they pointed to the door that separated our room from the unfinished side. In the light showing in thru the window. You could see it swinging back and forth. No wind, the windows were closed. Then I realized.. WHERE IS OUR NIGHT LIGHT AT?? I said, did you turn out the light. Tanya says no Ollie I didn’t. Nicky says I didn’t either Ollie. OK. I was the big sister scared out of my mind. We kept hearing stuff. Out of the corner of my eye I caught something I am not sure what it was. I knew me and my sisters had visitors. I just knew it. So I got brave I edged my way to the end of the bed. My sisters hugging each other. I was gonna run for it!!!
Then suddenly, the door between the room blew open and stayed like that. WE SCREAMED DAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD!!!! We hear running coming up the stairs. My dad throws on the lights. What is going on up here!! GO TO SLEEP!! He closes the open door and I say.. Wait dad. I run fast slide to a stop and turn on the light and run back and jump in bed. Dad turns and says I love you. GO TO BED. Then he backs up and turns on the light and tells the twins to get into their own bed. They jump from mine to theirs careful not to touch the floor. He goes down stairs and they jump back onto my bed. I put my arms around them. We fell asleep. Within an hour the door started back up and the weird floaty thing that swam thru the air started. I could hear crying, soft singing,chains. I closed my eyes really tight and pulled my sister close then woke up the next day. I was not happy. I AM TELLING MY MOM!!!
I said Mom something weird happened. She said Jacqueline the house has spirits in it. It is ok. I saw them when we 1st looked at the house. My mom always had that gift. It never scared her. I wanted to be brave like her. I said. WAIT. You and Dad knew and you took it ANYWAY!! She said. Yes. but you will be fine. Just tell them to go away and not to bother you. In my mind I stood there thinking. A dirty word came to mind!! I just didnt say it. I would have gotten whacked. She said now go outside and play. I have alot to do. I was happier then hell to get out of that house and play. But I went back in and I told her. Mom if you need us we are out in the yard. She said here take the baby and go and play. So I took Denise Ryks Housemans little hand and we went out to play with Nicole and Tanya in the yard. But that is the way it was with that house until we moved out and my dad bought a house in Crainville, Illinois. Growing up in Illinois. You cannot tell me that place wasn’t the most haunted.
Another quick story. We had seen this mystery man. I will never forget it. WE were on our way to chinese food in Carbondale, Illinois at John Wangs new Restaurant. YES. it even had a WESTERN THEME AND HE WORE A COWBOY HAT. If anyone remembers that. We got to a spot and my dad saw a Native American guy walking with long dark hair in a suit. WE picked him up and gave him a ride. He took my hand and was so sweet. But he smelled funny and his eyes looked funny. He was staring at my mom and said he thought he knew her. Funny thing. My mom felt the same thing. We dropped him off and went to wave. He wasn’t there!! It was cold. There was nothing to shield him OR ANYWHERE FOR HIM TO HIDE!! IT WAS A GHOST!! Weird huh!! Its all true. I was kind of weirded out a few times since then. I know when we were moving here. I kind of felt like that crazy 5 year old bouncing around the back seat of the station wagon after that long ride from Danbury Connecticut. I would yell are we to Illeenoise yet daddy!!?? My mom saying Jackie look out the back window. I climbed over the seat and was stuck in between the suitcases. To me it was the one place I always thought of as home

Are You True To Your Belief? By Jackie- Taliesin Moonwolf

Good morning. I know it has been a while since I have been on Mystic Woman. I have had the chance to do alot of thinking and thru meditation. OH and just pure thought. Meaning doing what is right or wrong. I woke up this morning after having one of those dreams that I was fighting someone elses battles.  In my dream a young American woman was living in another country and was being hassled by this group of people that didnt want her and her family to succeed.  The father was a very important person and was there for the training of someone.  The daughter was being terrorized by locals out to make her look like she was doing wrong.  Someone had taken pictures of her naked without her being aware and sent them to some trashy magazine and they were published with an untrue story about her.  They were doing everything to tarnish her reputation and had talked trash to those she thought were her friends.  Using faked recordings of words sewn together.  Finding people that were hard up for cash in poor areas to claim they knew her and further corroborated their ridiculous story.  Soon the envy these people felt were going from city to city, country to country, state to state.  She felt she needed “eyes in the back of her head”.  I went to her to be those eyes.  I saw the eye rolls, the texting, taunting, phone calls being made in honor of what they had done to this beautiful young woman.  When she asked “WHY??”, they would utter. “WE NEEDED THE MONEY”, laughing they walked away leaving her alone.  She felt betrayed by Spirit and the Gods and Goddesses she prayed to.  I woke up from the dream just as she were lighting her candles to pray.  That is sacred and only between her and the Gods and Goddesses and Spirit.

I then realized something. Not only was that dream for her. BUT for me to realize something.  The way I see it personally.  In Paganism, you are responsible and accountable for what you send out.  It is easy in Christianity to blame the Devil for everything that you do wrong.  In my belief you get back what you send out.  That is why it is better to send out LOVE LIGHT ABUNDANT HEALTH ABUNDANT WEALTH AND A RENEWED LOVE FOR SPIRIT YOUR GUIDES YOUR ANGEL GODS AND GODDESSES. If something bad happens. I simply send it all back with love light abundant health wealth and hope you will renew your love for Spirit.  Why is it so easy to blame someone else? It just is I guess.  Have you ever walked by someone and you felt their animosity towards you?  I have and being Empathic doesnt help matters.

Even tho I know this person is envious, jealous, and actually has a special hatred.  I still send them love light abundant health wealth and a renewed love for Spirit.  They know they are doing wrong. BUT they just try to pull the wool over your eyes.  Even tho it is scratchy and itchy.  You still give them a chance.  Same thing with the spread of gossip by someone that cant seem to get to your plane and has tried bringing you down to them.  You still keep your head up and your face warm with the light.  I try to leave the house with a smile in my stomach.  I know you think it strange. I try to make my middle feel the warmth and happiness of a smile.  Then it rises up and puts a smile on my face and I hope encircles me in white light.

I have learned that being “Content with your life and spouse”.  That is a no no to most.  WHY you ask?? Because they do not have it.  They see what they want to be in you. Instead of working hard to make themselves shine and be the best THEY can be.  They bring that dark cloud with them.  You have a cloudless day going with sunshine. Before you know it, a storm is moving in and rocking your ship of love and light.  Then you try to ride out the storm with you friend or family and try to bring them out of the storm.  They want what you have now!! Give it to them!! You try to guide them to how you have done it.  BUT they have to do it themselves and cannot rely on you giving them your sunshine!! They need to look for the edge and glimmer of light.  And everyday thru their actions and working hard.  They can sail their ship into the sunshine and turn and see the darkness and clouds and stormy weather behind them.  I have been waking up knowing.. EVEN tho I might have a bad day.  There are many more good.

You may want to go to someones home and light candles and turn their home upside down.  Because you are asked.  When you go and do bad things to others in the name of someone else.  Do you really know that this person did this stuff?? Is the money and satisfaction you receive from that person, is that what you really want?? Life is so short.  I have lost family members to tragedy at the hands of the ones asked to do evil.  Clear your mind and your heart!! Embrace the light and enjoy love and renew yourself in being good.  You cannot go and buy hundreds of dollars in food and give it to a local pantry. Then go out and do horrific things. When you send out harm to others. Any Witch is prepared to defend themselves.  What is asked of you to do no matter if you say “With No Harm To Me or My Followers”. You were the one that dealt it. You were the one that breathed life into it.  You are the one that will get it back.  The right thing is to wish someone love and ask they get whatever it is they want.  I ask if they are that full of hate and animosity and they have to show that they can fly.  They need to say “I am a witch and will strike you down with my might!!”  They say dont give that person power.  I just send them love and send back whatever bad thoughts, gossip, congregating to send out bad stuff, either as a group, coven, friends or just yourself.  KNOW.. and if you teach it!! What you teach to others they take out upon the world.  KNOW and get to KNOW the person you are teaching this craft to. I have been accused of teaching people to move tree branches!! Control the wind!! BUT if they were a real teacher in their mind and heart.  They would have known I wasnt doing that.  I was explaining that if the concentrated on that BRANCH. Calm their mind and in their tiny mind.  Thru their Third Eye see yourself moving the branch.  I said this to a woman that was very upset and trying to bring problems and issues into my home that did not exist.  William and I put up “wards of protection”  that a Witch that lived behind us was trying to undue.  I asked that these people be moved onto greater things then bringing ill will on people.  They found their home in a den.  I wish them all love.  I have no fear, hatred or remorse for them and their actions.  ONCE they learn to close their mouths against people. That path they are looking for will appear suddenly and be a clearing to their dreams and rich in belief. Until then. YOU will hurt yourself and those around you by spread hatred and discourse.  That is not living your life, That is existing in it.. I neither pity or pay you any mind. Just send prayers to move you onto better things.

Sending blessings

Jackie – Taliesin Moonwolf


The “Mystic Woman” In ALL Women

The “Mystic Woman” In ALL Women by Jai Eyster

Hello everyone I am Jai Eyster or Jackie Eyster.  I started this Podcast/Blog for the simple fact. I think all of us as women can learn from each other. I don’t care what your nationality is OR your sexual preference, your religious background is yours and yours alone.  Women walk many paths. We wonder when we are old enough what are we going to do when we grow up. We grow up and wish we could go back to the day we thought about what we wanted to be.  I grew up as Roman Catholic, Methodist, Southern Baptist.  I always knew I was a child of Nature. I loved anything I could find on Paganism, Shamanism, Natural Magic.  Mother Nature and her beauty were my church. I remember so many times. I don’t want to go to church. I want to go to church outside.  I loved music, poetry, drawing, cooking.  Anything outside the norm. I knew I was empathic at a very young age. It is funny almost everyone on my dads side was the same way. I could see things and had feelings when something supernatural was going on. I had very vivid dreams that either came true or were some type of warning to me.  I am a believer in UFO and I know we are not the only life.  I believe this planet is billions of years old. I believe in dinosaurs.  That is just my opinion.

I have been involved in music since I was 5 years old and sang with my mom at the Energy Methodist Church in Illinois.  I write my own poetry, lyrics and 1/2 of the music for my songs that I have created with others. If I didn’t use my keyboard. I used my voice to sing out how I wanted it to go. I have never had “lessons” from a teacher or instructor. Basically because I had allergies and breathing problems singing was good for me.  I can cook just about anything.  I love cooking as music as I love music and breathing.  LOL 😀 I love to write short stories using past experiences and dreams and combine the two with my own unique sense of style.  I can draw.. well.. MEH>> I try.. LOL.. It is what it is.. 😀

I am a people person. I love caring for others sometimes to the point where I get sick.  I have hardened over the years and not the push over some thought I was and now people confuse me being firm as being a B!&*H.  I am not and I have a big heart, I choose to not be taken advantage of or walked on ever again. You cannot keep doing for others all of the time, then when you ask for help they turn their back.  The self righteous I can do without. I do not listen to idle gossip and chit chat and take it as a GOSPEL TRUTH..That is wrong to me.  I think people are sent my way as lessons.  But being empathic is difficult.  I used to ignore what I saw in people. Now it is like a dull hum that lets you see them thru colored glasses not rose colored.

I have people that don’t like me because I grew up and changed myself.  I have told my share of lies and over exaggerated, I was bossy and could be mean hearted  when I was young. That is not what I am now. So get over it. The more you drudge up old wounds and problems, the less time you have to heal your own past. GUESS WHAT!! I AM 49 NOT 13.  I want to use this podcast blog for us to discuss real woman issues and all that falls in between. It is more difficult coming into what you really know about yourself then what you see in the mirror.  I am not what I see in the mirror. Women go thru a lot with their bodies and minds. Men often time call us drama queens.  WELL IF YOU LEAKED, CRAMPED, HAD TO PEE ALL THE TIME, ACNE AS A TENN, ACNE AS AN ADULT, CRIED BECAUSE.. WELL. YOU DON’T KNOW WHY!! We gain weight, loose weight, we have stretched our bodies and vaginas out.  Seriously!! Lets be honest. There is room for our bladders to slip, we loose our hair.  And this is just a few things to mention on the topic of Menopause.  You know I actually laughed. I had called my GYN to tell her I wanted to go ahead with the Mirena. My menstral cycle was so bad that I had become seriously anemic and needed a blood infusion.  The young MA says to me, Mrs Eyster can I ask you a question. I said sure.  She said, Your 48 are you worried about getting pregnant at your age?? I started laughing.  I said didn’t they teach you about why sometime Mirena or Birth Control or an Oblation would be a necessity to help with menstral bleeding.  She was very sweet and really had a misconception as to why I would need such a thing.

I have suffered horribly with the change. I went thru nothing that my mom had. I have hot flashes, crying boughts BUT!! I have adult acne, facial hair growth due to PCOS and heurstism, my eye brows fell out.  I have suffered many miscarriages.  I am lucky that my new husband tries so hard to be understanding.  But I can become needy and whiny. Again, all something a woman cannot do anything about without medication or some type of theraphy or Natural herb treatment.

It seems that since I started Menopause. I have changed in ways that certain things do not bother me. Like I have become fearless. Nothing really bothers me. Now things will make me angry. Stupidity to a Menopausal Woman is like nails on a chalk board!! Its like we have been handed a book that says. Remember when you asked why?? Here is your answer.  Now this is a secret language only women of a certain age understand.  MEN DO NOT UNDERSTAND!! I don’t care how many hormones you take.  We bleed right after we are born.. Then it starts up again between 11 and 13 and never stops!! I am not trying to be self rightous but honest.  I see things so differently now.  I remember when I was young and 1st married.  I was thinking OMG!! When I had a fight with my Ex Husband and I would cry and carry on and my older girlfriends would hug me and cry then laugh and say. When you hit my age you will see things thru a different window.  It will seem funny and you will do the same thing for someone else that I am doing for you.  MEN Cheat, Lie, Run Around. Stick it everywhere but the electrical outlet.  You will become touch like teflon.  I was like WTH.. TEFLON??!!  How right she was.  Its funny I can almost guess what a man is going to do.  I even tell my husband when he is rubber necking it. I found out it is normal.  THAT IS A MAN THING. They toe the water for a bit. Until you have had enough and shove them in that freezing cold water.  I am amused now. I just make no bones about it.  I also do not have a working that switch.  It is not set to manual.  I have lived over half of my life.  So I make no bones about it.  I will be honest and will tell you the truth or I can lie to you and make you feel better about a situation.  I don’t know all and I go to my elders to ask questions. Trust me they say. Stupid girl you already know the answer.  You have learned the hard way.  You tell the young ones once.  They to have to learn the hard way.

Anyway that is a little about me and what brought me to my lifes point now.  I have lived quite a life.  I am surprised I am alive as wild as I was when I was young.  I am a recovered alcoholic, redeemed smoker of 5 happy years.  I am learning more about myself everyday. People change and the grow like the trees.  They shed their leaves and go in new directions.  Don’t hold someone to an old image you have of them.  They have been thru many changes.  I am in awe of some women I have seen struggle and some have it easy.  Then get to this point and strike it rich and find their place.  I love my grandmothers, sisters, aunts and all those beautiful Spirits in all of us that come out fighting. I love you:)

Jai Eyster/ Mystic Woman Podcast Blog

Good Morning 4:00 AM

Good morning!! I have noticed I am up anywhere between 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM.  I know the answer!! HOLDING UP MY HAND!! EW EW PICK ME!! I know!! MENOPAUSE!! OMG!! I am just so tired of hearng this.  My blood sugar sky rockets and I am being told to eat very lghtly.  I know.. My blood sugar would shoot high if I ate dirt.  I have found that I have to eat very carefully if its “around that time”.. My Mirena in which I like. It has quite a few side effects but it is what it is for now.  I keep thinking to myself. Am I the only one or is there others going thru this crap!!

I have to say that at this point I have to think.  So this was Gods (Christian belief) altho not mine.  Just using this as an example as to WHY??!! OH WHY??!! Strangely enough someone needs to go back in time and whoop Eve’s butt!! BUT I still have to question it.  Are you sure God being a man and all wasnt just protecting his precious Adam? I still think that Adam told Eve.  Hey Eve come here.  Eve said yes Adam.  He said,  its against man to eat from the tree of knowledge.  But it would probably be OK if you do it.  Go over there and pick that apple and lets look at it.  Eve said,  OK Adam and walked over and picked it.  Eve WOW that apple is beautiful. I wonder how it tastes?  You should take a bite of that apple Eve 😀 As Adam smiles Eve takes a big bite and BOOM!! Their clothes fly off and God appears. Adam turns to God and says.  Eve did it!! She took a bite and wanted to know how it tasted!! Mean while Eve the rib from Adam or MAN!! Admitted to it.  BUT do you notice thru history WOMEN seem to be the blame of the fall of cities and kingdoms.  That leads me to believe that WOMEN actually have way more power over men.

NOW!! Fast forward now.  The reason women go thru periods, splitting pain thru childbirth, feel pain differently.  Because Eve bit into the apple.  HMMMM.. Just dont buy it.  Just my opinion..

What do you think ?? Would the Goddesses go thru this too??