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I know.. I know… I write randomly and my thoughts break out in brilliant lights of constant rippling thoughts.. NOT.. Since I have moved here to Indiana I have had an explosion of ideas to write about.  Fall is my time to write.  I don’t know if its the thrill of being here again or just the fact I connect with the season better.  I was born in the Spring in Danbury Connecticut.  But where I love it is Fall in Danville Indiana.  When we picked our home we knew instantly we wanted it.  Funny thing our realtor Jennifer Morris had sent us this house as the  very first home to look at.  I said no.. I wanted this and I wanted that. I would have saved us a year of looking LOL.  Sometimes we take the path least traveled and go the long road to come back to what Jennifer had said was “the perfect home for us”.. I have to laugh because we adore this home and I really couldn’t see myself living anywhere else.  WE had a great team to work with and I can’t forget our miracle worker Kim Hockaday. I call the team of Jennifer and Kim The Angel N Wizardess of real estate.  Our dream home has needs fixing here and there.  But the overall feel is comfortable and full of loving Spirits.

The first night we moved in I had placed boxes in the front room flat against the open door. No way for it to tip over and fall.  We had not moved the bed over yet.  But my spyder feeling was we had someone living with us.  I knew they would show themselves.  Billy and I saged the whole house. It felt warm and receptive.  About 3:00 am they made themselves known.  The big box fell onto the floor waking Billy and I up.  WE were sleeping in the living room.  I thought OKAY.. You are welcoming us into our new home.  WE started drifting back to sleep when a pot fell from inside the sink out onto the floor.  NOW you have my attention and I am going to yell at you for waking up a menopausal woman with sleep issues.  I opened the doors front and back. I lit my sage, I said my house blessing letting them know if they were here for good they may stay.  If they were not good to get out now!! You are not wanted here!! We heard a strange noise and that was it.  No more noises.  I see shadows from time to time. I see little light sparkles from time to time also.  My fairies roaming the house.  Since we moved here they are very happy.  I must say they didn’t like living in Irvington.

Our backyard is very magical to us.  The trees are beautiful and have this unbelievable life force that makes our yard so unique to us.  If you are reading this and looking for the perfect home. Go to Jennifer Morris Real Estate Agent/Broker FC Tucker. If you are in Iowa Barbara Bybee of Coldwell Banker Hedges Realty.  Gotta give my girls a shout out.



Comet and the Bologna Sandwich by Jacqueline Eyster

Comet and the Bologna Sandwich by Jacqueline Eyster


One evening I heard jingling  and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  I kept calling for William. I heard no reply. I thought ok I am going to bed.  So I went to the back door and I saw a soft glow and again the sound of bells. I happened to notice the smell of fried bologna heavy in the air.  I had cleaned the kitchen completely. I called out to William one more time. I heard laughing and whispering and snorting laughter. I pulled back the curtain on the back door. I was shocked to see a floating reindeer eating a fried bologna sandwich from my husband Williams hand.  The shimmer from his coat was magnificent and my husband appeared differently. I noticed that William was dressed as an? ELF?!!! WHAT!! I stepped out the back door to see a name plate on the reindeer it read “COMET”. I stepped out and I said WILLIAM!!!!!! Is that the real… COMET?? William turned to me with a smile and said.  YES JACKIE!! Its really Comet!! I walked up to him and I thought for sure I would sneeze being allergic to horses like I am. I figured I would be allergic to him too. Not so tho. He nodded and in half deer language said Hello to me.. I stood there in absolute amazement. I then hear my husband start to speak in reindeer. I said what are you saying?? What kind of language is that?? William said.. OK I must tell you. I am one of Santas retired Special Aviation Ranger Elves.  I was part of the North Polar Special Operations Command for Arctic Shield. I, like all of the other elves started out at Santa’s workshop in the Reindeer training and cleaning post. We were taught all about reindeer and Comet and I became really good friends. Comet came to visit and catch up since he has a wife, doe and buck of his own. His wife is Bella and his children are Galax and Star. He said Santa needed me to come back with him to help with Christmas. Since I got my degree at Claus University in Wood Working and minor in Painting and Stuffing.  Santa said there were so many good children this year he needs to bring all of us out of retirement to help him with orders, packing the sleigh and delivering.  

I have to say all I could do is stare at Comet at which he turned and gave me a big toothy grin smile.  He said thank you for the fried bologna sandwich. I said you are welcome and he would be back for William in 2 days.  I said ok thank you give my best to Bella, Galax and Star. As he flew away. I looked at William and he looked normal again.  I looked his pointy ears were gone. The boots replaced the elf shoes. I said.. WHATEVER!! I came in and started washing the frying pan.  I was a bit annoyed. I mean who doesn’t tell their wife YOU ARE ONE OF SANTAS “RETIRED” ELVES. I said well I bet you will have fun at Santa’s shop.  That is when William told me I could go. They are allowed to take one person. He said he took his brother TJ when he was 11. They did the candy cane wash and TJ forgot his visit with his brother.  William said Santa needed the wives that could cook and bake to step up and help bake cookies and make candy for the stockings. I said YAY!! I said. 

WAIT A MINUTE!! Am I going to get Candy Caned?? He looked away laughing. I said William are you going to Candy Cane me?? He said probably not.  They may need me for next year and it is a lot to learn in 14 days. So if he candy caned me I would forget. I was excited and ready to pack. The next day I was so full of energy and could not wait to see the North Pole and actually get to bake and make cookies and candy with thee MRS SANTA CLAUS!!! Later that evening we suddenly heard a vibrating sound coming from the closet with bright lights.  Playing Jingle Bells really fast. William answered the call. He said YES, SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN.. I guess that being Christmas code.

William said there is an emergency?? Santa may have trouble getting the toys out because the Naynobbers have joined forces trying to stop the Christmas Spirit.  Santa said he needs us to get his sleigh outfitted with the best technology to keep the reindeer and Santa safe. So we have to retro fit the dampers and master reset the fusion reactor for when Santa time jumps to other locations safely.  WE are going to refit Santa’s sleigh to a newer version of the C.N.O.R.R.T. (Candy Nuclear Outburst Rocket Reindeer Thruster). It being outdated and created at Scooter Doo Industries North Pole Defense Initiative. So it looked like I would have to ride to the North Pole with Comet all alone. I didn’t speak reindeer.  So now what?? That’s when William came to me to let me know that Comet’s wife Bella was coming also. They were bringing a sleigh for myself and the other wives and husbands of Santa’s other Special Operations Elves. Little did I know that the elves are police officers, firemen and paramedics.  


I happened to be looking out the window at the beautiful snowfall it was starting to really come down.  I saw a bright blue flash as it landed in the snow in the front yard. It glowed and threw out sparkles of shimmering blue.  I ran out of the door and reached down to pick it up. Written on it were both of our names from Santa Claus. It was a SnowGram from Santa Claus.  Two orphan children a brother and a sister had written him a letter. The only thing they wanted for Christmas was to have parents that fit our description to the tee. He asked that we go to the Adoption Agency and fill out our information and tell our story.  You will find each other that is my Christmas gift to you both. I smiled as I read the Snow Gram. Children in the house for Christmas. That is the greatest gift. Then from behind the tree I heard a tiny voice. Hello, Hello Jackie?? I said yes.. As I looked into the shrub.  She appeared and I fell back into the snow yelling out. William ran out of the front door and he said BLAINNA!! Is that you?? She said yes William it is. I said WOW a little girl elf!! Blainna looked at me and said. I will have you know I am 1200 years old!! I said my apologies.. I didn’t know.  William said Blainna, you didn’t reveal yourself to your wife?? 

I said no he did not. I didn’t know until I met Comet and well it is cold out here can we go inside?  Blainna said William reveal yourself!! William threw his hands up and a bright light surrounded him and he shrunk down into a very muscular little elf with a tiny little voice. He was outfitted with military type gear. An oxygen mask and a suit with the ability to fly at great heights. All of the sudden I knew we were not alone.  Coming from many directions were all of Santa’s Special Operations Elves. I turned around and 4 Danville Officers were standing in their SANTA gear others were setting up the take off area in the large parking lot. I turned and I said oh my gosh. I know who all of you are. I read the badges that matched the faces. Their names were different. But I recognized all of them. Officer Oodles Twinkleton, Officer Chipper Sugarkin, Officer Bitsy Bellsbee, Officer Twilight McFurley.  They had set up a headquarters. You have to realize it is dark and it had stopped snowing. The snow matched the beauty of the stars that shined down. We had so many elves and they were waiting for Officer Jazzy McCheer known as the tallest elf. He was Santa’s “Ground Guide” as he pulled in with his police truck. He reached in to get the Control Candy Canes. They were brightly lit. Although there were so many elves. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. They were waiting for the rest of the crew to come in. You had the Indiana State Police Elves, Hendricks County Sheriff’s Elves, Danville Fire Department and Paramedic Elves. Even our town Pastor Stoney Way came to pray with everyone. All at once you heard what sounded like wind through the trees. They were starting up their JATO(Jet Assisted Take Off) gear.  Officer Jazzy McCheer nodded everyone started lining up for take off. He was guiding them down the parking lot and off they went. On their way to the North Pole. As it came to his turn. William gave me a kiss and he lined up and off he went. Soon everyone was gone and off the police truck went into the direction of the elves. I looked there was sparkles and up the truck went. They said it was at least a 500 reindeer he had under that hood.


I looked down at the snow. Feeling a bit alone. I hear that little voice. It was Blainna.  She was going to go with me to the North Pole. She knew I was new to all of this. How did I not know?  Then I heard a snort and jingles from behind me. It was Comet and Bella with this huge sleigh. I ran inside and made a few sandwiches for reindeer fuel.  I heard many voices. People were arriving to help in any way they could. As Stoney took the reins up, up and away he shouted. And we were all off with a pull of the reins.  I am scared of heights but for some reason I felt safe. Sitting beside me holding my hand was Blainna. Everyone listened as she told the story of the Naynobbers and how they were trying to stop the Christmas Spirit.  It was going to be a bit of a ride. I pulled my hood tighter, it was not that cold. I was surprised. I closed my eyes listening to the story and taking in the cool night air. I must have fallen asleep.

PS.. To ALL of wonderful Officers that serve and protect our community, to our Firemen and Paramedics that keep us safe from harm. I thank you so very much. This is written with the respect and admiration for all that you do for our community. I always say a prayer for all to stay safe.
**Also know I will not give up your names. I know those of you that work for Santa and need to remain anonymous. I will keep your secret 😉

Heaven’s Closet – Tongue Tied By Jacqueline & William Eyster 

Heaven’s Closet – Tongue Tied
By Jacqueline & William Eyster


Grisella looks up from her paper. She feels something that makes her feel uneasy. Suddenly her mind gets fuzzy. She thinks to herself OMG.. It is happeneing again. She feels like she is forgetting something. This has been happening to her often. Taking her coffee cup she walks into her living room area. She looks into the carved wood and glass case. she just has not felt right since buying her latest magical item. Three items from a black box marked “MY MAGICAL STUFF” sealed with this persons blood. They seemed as if they were moist or wet all the time. When you picked them up they were sweaty. Strange. She had to have it. Someone lost their entire life in the storage unit she purchased for $200.00. The terrible thing. The person owed less than that and had the money to pay for it. Upon loosing everything in the space and her car. she placed a spell on them until everything came back to her. All the years of carefully putting the christmas items away her heart in each piece of Native American and Wiccan ware. All of it will never rest until it is back with its owner. Almost all of it created by the past owner. Ever since she pulled the wand with the owl and the google eyes with the crystal ontop, the tiny crystal ball, the athame. The entire room seemed to take on a new ambiance. She used to walk in and she felt so good. Now she felt sorrow and had to quickly leave the room. She peered out of the window and thought about the car that her son had purchased. He was back and forth and all over Tennessee in that car. Even he felt uneasy in it. BUT he needed transportation. There was no reason for the sale of the items. The owner cast and blew her wishes skyward. Nothing good would come from any of the objects. It doesnt matter how you bless them. They want to be with their owner. So if you loose your job, your home is falling apart, children misbehaving, spouse wandering, sickness. You need to look for the item causing it. Did it come from a storage unit Indianapolis, Indiana?? You dont have to believe in this. It is what it is. Eventually everything will get back to her. What she failed to realize was that magic items are personal and belonged to someone until they were cleansed and given by the owner. It might not happen now. It might wait for you to get somewhere and you are thinking you life is in full gear. Then the carpet is pulled. Sadly the innocent sold objects will return them. They dont belong to them. To steal from someone is the worst thing you can do.
The day before going to flea markets and looking at shops and small out of the way places. Looking for you dont even know. You know it is out there but you are not sure. It is a longing for something. Grisella has started her Christmas shopping and loved giving unique gifts to her friends. Do you hear that? said Grisella to Marianne and Becky. They look around and they see nothing but hear music. It is coming from the speaker over there said Becky. She pointed to the building that was across from this huge church. It was inviting and calling them. They start to walk to the music and sitting meditating on a beautiful rug was a man dressed in robes and sitting next to him is his sitar. He hums and sings causing the wind to pick up and blow as they got closer to the door. He looked intently at the women. A shiver ran down their spine. He looked at the women. AS she reached for the door handle and opened the door everything went silent. Marianne said hey, where is the music? They looked out next to the building to see that it is vacant. No one to be seen. What happened to the man that was sitting singing quietly in meditation. Only the rustling of the trees. They entered the room as the music that ended outside was recreated inside the building. They looked around and the room seemed cluttered and everything so close. Hello, they called out as they were walking. Grisella looked up at the clock with no hands and seemed to get an eerie feeling. Beside it was a piece of wood that pointed to the clock with no hands. It read. YOU ARE RUNNING ON GODS TIME NOW!! They came to a set of long drapes that seemed to cover up a big window. Pulling them open they let out a yell. Angelina stepped out say Hello my name is Angelina how may I make your wishes come true for you. Startled Becky said. Lady you scared the daylights out of me. Angelina smiled and said, Well do you consider that a blessing or would you rather I put it back. They laughed. Angelina smiled. Marianne felt very uneasy and suggested maybe another place for them to go. Maybe we should move onto another store. I feel claustrophobic here. Angelina turned and suggested her looking at some jewelry. That seems to be something to ease your mind. Marianne smiled and said YES!! what do you have? She stepped to the case immediately immersed in the bright bobbles and shine coming from the case. Well said Angelina to Becky and Grisella you need magic wares??
Grisella said. I do not need them, I just collect unique things and I give them as Christmas gifts. That is nice. I have an entire section. We had actually a donation of things. They have not been properly cleansed and the cry for their owner. They both laughed and Becky said come on give me a break. I don’t believe in that. WELL understand this. The creator of anything always puts a bit of himself into an object. When it is stolen or taken in such a way that the bond was never broken. Those involved will all suffer until the items are returned to the owner. So you are saying they are cursed? said Casella. No Angelina said they were never given freely. They were taken in a way that person had no say. The owner vowed for everything to return to her. It will. Here is the isle of new stuff we have recently received hopefully you find what it is you are looking for. Becky grabbed the tree that held candles. Angelina she said I think you have a leak back here or a lot of moisture? No she said quietly. They are weeping and sad. She quickly placed the tree back. Oh she said rolling her eyes. Creepy place!! Thanks Grisella. She made her way over to clothing and left Crisella by herself. Everything was so beautiful. A Lot of Native American stuff she thought mixed with books on Natives, animals speaking, Wicca, the book Lord n Lady. Hmmm thought Grisella. JRM was engraved on everything. That is strange. She found a box marked MY MAGIC STUFF.. She opened it and said WOW. The red felt on the bottom cushioned the wand. The was a necklace with a tooth. bottles, a small crystal ball, an athame, a car key and a small heart that was cracked that had the initials JJM. Other little things the owner held sacred. She closed the box. She would take these and she grabbed the native items. A water pitcher looking thing, a flute, a Native American pipe, a leather pouch and some pictures and a few books. All of them moist to the touch. She saw a flash before her eyes. It looked like 4 women performing some kind of ritual and a black demon of some kind rose up from the floor. They were not the original owner. She heard them call it Chaos. Stay until you tear them part. Then she saw a woman lying on the bed crying next to the window. Saying she was sorry. She didn’t want him to leave. She felt tears rise in her eyes. Her chest got tight. She put the pillow back.
Maybe when I get them home I will put them in the sun and dry them out. She felt like she had accomplished a lot. AS she walked to the register. The ladies came together. Becky and Marianne empty handed. Grisella said You are not buying ANYTHING!!?? Not from here said Becky. Will that be all said Angelina. Yes and can you wrap them in paper. Of course she said with a smile. She slowly began to wipe them off and ring them up. Are you sure you want to buy those? Do not give me that stuff for Christmas said Marianne out loud and laugh. This is junk!! Angelina looked at Becky and said. It was someones life possessions is what it was. Not to be made fun of. This was someones treasures. She laughed and said If you say so lady. AS she backed up something tripped her. Wait it was a plant she must of stepped on. The ivy had wrapped around her foot. They walked towards the door and looked outside. It was so dark.. What time was it?? They looked up and saw the moon creeping out in the sky.. Crisella looked at her watch. It was 8:30pm. Where did time go, it seemed like noon when they went into the shop. The sun was high in the sky. That is weird. I hope you don’t have to return anything. They laughed and went to the mini van and got in. Lets go get dinner I am starved!! OK they chimed and turned on the radio. They ate and finished their night out with a toast to see each other again tomorrow. AS they clinked the glasses in celebration. The glasses exploded sending wine everywhere. They sat in shock as the waitress ran over with towels. That ended their evening. Each went home to have really strange dreams. They were walking and ended up at Heavens Closet and they were being pulled towards the door. They didn’t sleep well all night. Waking up exhausted. It was 3:00 AM on the button. Grisella awoke to the soft sound of crying. She got up and said Hello?? Who is there?? She say a figure go down the stairs. Never hearing the steps creak she followed the figure as it disappeared into the living room area. She flipped the switch on. As the room came to life with light. Nothing. Not a sound. She heard it!! At least she thought she had!! Maybe she was dreaming. OK back to bed. 6:30 am comes early. Climbing the steps to her room she felt chilled. She laid in the bed and listened to the house shift and the clock flip numbers. She closed her eyes. Nothing. The next thing she knew her alarm was going off and it was 8:00 AM. How in the world?? What happened?? She jumped up as her cell phone was ringing. Hi are you ok says the voice thru the phone. Yes, why do you ask? Because you had a 7:45 meeting and you are not here? OMG!! she cleared her head. I will be there as soon as I can.
Marianne was up and playing with her young daughter. She was laughing and pointing at the corner behind her. What is so funny? It is the funny man in the corner mommy!! He is making faces!! Don’t you see him, he came home with you last night.
Becky was already in her art studio and had just started her new vase. She loved her pottery. She remembered what Angelina had said for some reason. What was it? Something about your creation becomes apart of you? Yes. Something like that. At that point she could understand it. AS she peered up at the mirror she saw a figure behind her. Startled she jumped and said who is there?? Looking back into the mirror she saw nothing. Hmmmm… She molded the clay and started to mold her work.
Strange what happens. Does our story end here? No actually it just begins. Do you think objects can really miss their owners? Can someone really come in and release a demon in your home? I believe they can. Some people are so hurt and disappointed they reach for whatever they can to strike back. Even if that person sent them healing. They cannot see the good you sent or did for them. Their pain even tho self inflicted is so deep. Wounds that you think will never heal. They will but you must stop picking at the scab. Stop doing wrong. But you have to ask yourself. What happened. How did she get herself into this mess. She was recalling something. Wait a minute. In her dream a very sad woman called out to assist her in her spellwork. Three other women swayed and lent their powers to bring this about. This will give them back what they deserve. One woman did not feel right about this. Are you sure this is a good idea? I gave up my life to help another she said. They had all met and a man had questions about the craft and told to come to her for help. Her and her husband were devoted to the Pagan world. Him maybe more Norse. I could offer money if you will send this woman away. She has come to my home. Problem is my mother claims to want her here. I need total destruction and for her to be sent away. Someone said she had been a practicing witch. I found the other one. They initiated themselves in. I need her gone. That is fine. My ladies and I will help you.We need the community can take it all away. She is attending school where? OK We start there. WE make it to where she is in debt. WE take her job from her. Then make it impossible for her to get another. Do you have access to her friends. I am going to where she used to live. WE have a P.I. in our family we will slowly take everything she builds apart. if she creates music we will take everything when she leaves. I will switch out the drive on her computer. You know it all seems so far fetched but she will just look crazy like what I did to my mother. I didn’t want her to come. She destroyed our plans. Now I want everything taken from her. My brother gave her money hoping she would take it and leave. She didn’t and she really thought my mother brought her here for her to do better. I don’t care what it takes I will pay. Are you willing to give up your husband. I need you to make her fall in love with you. But keep her at arms length. Can you do this? Yes he says as he comes out of the dark. I was trained to do this. He laughs as he already has plans to take her heart, destroy her however he has to. He sees her alone, penniless, crying.. But she had other plans for him and his friends. You have to remember it doesn’t matter who you call upon to destroy someone. That is correct they all will get it back.. What if she say it from the beginning and say the pay out to her benefit? All the laughter, drinking and plans to destroy her. Over the lies of another. No one wins in this situation. He takes her heart, she spills her entire life of pain.. He vows to never hurt her like that. But in the devilish smile. He tries to claim her and destruction begins with the signing of the place they would call “ours”. I think back.. That must be real love if you can sacrafice your husband for money. All he has to do is totally destroy someone. When one thing stops working you go to a new height. Why doesn’t he discuss his past. Where are all of his friends? His heart in somewhere else. You are constantly put within harms way. You know what you know to be true. You are told of its falsehood and you are crazy. You are not. The plan simply doesn’t work. Coming back and putting her heels on was she that absorbed into the dream.. How did she recount that. Why did he or they do it?? What was the ending result. If her belongings were to go away. It was easier to make her go away. She grabbed her heart. She felt like a lot of promises were made. Time was running out on a contract that was supposed to be fulfilled. A lot of money at stake. She would think more on it later. She took the necklace with the dragon holding a crystal ball in her hand. This meant something to someone. When she placed it on her neck. Flashes coming fast almost knocking her to the floor. Arguing, a figure being thrown into a wall, anger and threats to take her out. Grisella pulled the necklace off and threw it. She grabbed her purse and headed for the door. She left it on the floor. What was wrong with her. Shaking she closed the door and headed for the steps. The brisk air caught in her nostrils just so that they froze when she took that breath in. What happened to the owner??

AS Grisella walked thru work like she were in a daze. She excused herself in the meeting. She just wasn’t feeling right and she stumbled to the bathroom. Standing in the bathroom mirror, everything went black. Swirling as the scene comes into sight. She is under a window and is listening to everything. She is dressed all in black including her boots. She listens hoping to hear something. She hears men talking and a woman with a heavy southern accent talking on what sounded like a speaker phone. There were quite a few people there. The voice said, well she is still alive. I left to go to my sisters. She was running a fever and she was suppose to die!! That bitch took her to the hospital. Then I had to deal with my sisters and brothers. If she is going to interfere with us. WE will take her out. I got her and her boyfriends signature thru the city. They used their names to help me. But he knows. I asked him to get into the business. He said no because she told him to.. BUT that is ok.. I will ruin her. WE would have been rich beyond our belief but that bitch came her from New Jersey. WELL I tried said the southern Voice. She and her girlfriend asked me point blank. I told to it was ok to move here to Tennessee. He laughed out loud. Dumb ass thought we wanted to be friends. So money works with poor people. I proved that to her. I went to the small trailer park and I started handing out money to people. I said there was more where that came from. I reached out to the blues. If I get them in my pocket. I can bring her friends and ruin her. AS long as people keep working together. It will happen. Take out her podcasts next.. Go to the owners of the podcast company.. Offer money and a support. They will grant us access. I got to all my brothers and sisters/ Put doubt in everything. THEY said they would help. She claims to be a witch. WELL.. Lets see her use her powers he said with a sneer. I will ruin her. She doesn’t fully trust him. He needs to be shaken up.. Tell him he needs to step it up.. We have them in an apartment. I think she has figured it out.. She wont use what she has against us. BECAUSE she doesn’t like to hurt anyone. I told her. ANYONE CAN BE BOUGHT. EVERYONE HAS A PRICE. I can manipulate them.. I can reach out to my brothers and sisters in flight. They will do anything I say. She is my family and she already knows it is us. She asked me not to take their son and have them all committed. I had everything there and then.. But these people are stupid and do not even realize they are all being played. If I come down. I take them all out with military strategy. That is why I do not want people to figure it out so I keep up the promises. I think some people are opening their eyes. So the man was meant for her and her husband was suppose to be returned to her.. Chaos is deadly.. Not only can it be put on someone or placed in someones home. But demons do not stay where you place them.. You have now called on them and we have to put it back. It told her you need to put it back.. Then I find out she is a Book Witch. She can only read and find spells they do not come from within. She cannot just spin a spell. What now? Then her image re emerged. She wet her face and was nauseated. She came out sweating and said she was leaving. She made it home in silence. No radio. Just thought.
She made it home kicking off her shoes at the door dropping everything. She was starting to get dizzy she dropped on the couch. She walked out of an alley. It was dark she hears music loud. country, blues, rock as she walked by the bars. People seemed to move out of the way.. She looked pale and sickly. She passed out. She woke up in a hospital her arms tied to a bed. The nurse came in. She was having a problem talking. The words were coming to mind. She was trying to force them out. What happened? The nurse said in a truly southern accent. Well hello. How are you feeling Miss? I.. am.. Gris-….. I … am Grisell… I am Grisella. My head.. is.. heavy… The nurse came over and took her hand. The nurse called for the Doctor. Dr. Fontanew came in. Hi.. How are we doing Grisella??? Feeling like she were tongue tied and dry. Where.. am… I?? You are in Nashville, Tennessee. Where are you from? Jersey. How did I get here?? said Grisella. That I do not know. It was said someone saw you come from an alley. You had no identification. You would say out loud. I don’t want to go with that man on the boat. He is trying to kill me. Who is HE?? Grisella could not even remember anything. Can you do a blood test doctor? I already did. We are waiting for the results. Being able to talk more freely. I don’t take anything except asthma meds, a tylenol when needed. I do not smoke or drink anymore. You are dehydrated he said. You have blisters on your feet. Do you know why you might be here? No she said quickly.. He would never believe that something magical had brought her there. Well, I will be back with your results shortly. Just rest if you need anything press this button. She looked at the window and saw light peeking thru. How long had she been there?? Nurse, yes she said. How long have ai been here 2 days. OMG!!! her job!! She got up to go the bathroom. Her feet hit the cold floor and was a bit of a shock. She felt electricity and cried out as she sank and vanished into the floor. The nurse screamed and fainted. Grisella hit her body with such intensity she almost sat straight up. She looked around.. Wide awake now she went up the steps she used a hanger to pick up the necklace which had an unusual glow to it. OMG.. What is this she cried to herself. Shaking she brought the necklace back downstairs to add to the collection. She opened the case. Laid the necklace carefully next to the magical items. She could see the beads of water. It was like tears. Her heart hurt. She picked up the phone and dialed the number on the card stapled to the bag.
Heaven’s Closet Angelina speaking how may I make your dreams come true? Angelina!!! Yes Grisella she said. What have you learned? Grisella froze. What do you mean? Well what did you learn of Jannine the previous owner? Shocked Grisella started to cry. How do I help her. She is being baragged by lies and torment to keep her from reaching her goal.. She stopped a woman from being killed. All the woman wanted to do was return home. She and her children tried to destroy Jannine and take insurance money. They are still pursuing her. A woman gave up her marriage for monetary gain. A lot of lives were turned upside down by the daughters husbands family. Very good we know that already said Angeline. Where is she hiding? Are you asking for the family or to actually help her? I know her step father got information that was passed along by the husband of her sister. But why she asked? Well someone had made a bad deal claimed Angelina. He stole money and ideas from many people. The sister closest lied. They all tried to end her. Now. They will loose everything. WHY?? Jannine took all the love she had in her heart for them and the wanting to know and love them as her family. Then, sent it all back to them. You can make a trip or call on this witch person to try to out run a curse already on the family. Each generation all the way back has had a horrific event happen trying to pursue money. This goes all the way back to the death of a Native American Chief that was actually family to his killer. His family was cursed on the Chief’s last breath. They are trying to force something on her. She is in hiding until the authority finally arrests them and brings them to justice for their injustice. A lot of people will suffer in this. They will loose everything they own on down to their families, friends and those that had helped and never realized they were being used. They sat on her couch, they came as friends, they embellished all in the name of taking her down. It comes from every direction.. When someone lies like that. It will happen that way.. The backlash will be great. Everyone got what they needed. A car, a home, a new job, a deal, monetary gain, business contacts. All done to work against her. Now they thought they had tied that knot tight. What she did was rub vaseline in the rope. When they tried to tie it tight. It keeps slipping apart. and slowly coming undone.. WHY? She did have the gift of sight. She saw ahead to what was happening. She thought that after they tried to hurt her. They would stop and learn their lesson. They wont stop. She sees people back peddling, yelling into phones, alot of chaos not for her but for all of them.. The tower of cards is falling. Accidents that were planned for her are now reversing and being played out like a movie. They will read this and know.. They sealed their doom. Admit, ask her forgiveness and turn yourself in. That is what I say. Grisella you have done well. There is a knock at the door. Jannine steps into her house and hugs her tight.. Thru tears she says thank you so much. Grisella says angelina? the line is dead. she tries calling the number back. It says at the tone. You have a reached a number that is out of service, check your number again number 777665. Grisella smiles as she leads Jannine to her wooden box. Hello said Jannine to her magical items as the case takes on a loving glow.
“Can objects really save their owner? Will objects actually do things telepathically or do what they can to help their owner that they were ripped away from? I hear sirens.. Let them suffer their own fate. Let them loose everything and try to tell everyone that they were being set up. No one believed them as the evil laughed and kept her from employment. Did things to make her ill, took advantage of her heart. she had been hurt enough. But the man from New York was familiar. How did she know him? She smiled as she remembered a younger man at the time in Poughkeepsie, NY it was the 7-11 working with Shannon. She remembered him now.. A smile and singing as he came in as the fire blazed across the street from the car explosion.”
Story Written by Jacqueline Eyster
November 22, 2016

Until WE Meet Again by Jacqueline Eyster

Until We Meet Again


By Jacqueline M Eyster – 4-saying-goodbye-sunset-window-43643712018




Your not what you seem


You came from another time or place


The heart that beats


Beats of the dark side


Thru your eyes you will portray the calm


Deep inside you brews a spiteful dragon


As the striking together of two rocks 


Sends the spark igniting the flame


As that flame lights your pathway


She tries calling to you


Her voice echos thru the dim fog


Thru the dimness lies the feeling


The soul of her true self was near


It rode on the winds that blew yesterday


As she lay in your arms briefly did you bring pleasure


The day that would follow would bring the pain of grief


You would be taken from her as you rode


Your horse of war to the ground in a sea of red


She would fall to your side looking deeply into your eyes


She would hold onto your breathe in hers as long as she could


As you escaped the binding of the skin


Your soul broke the cold air as a mist


Your eyes became silent


Holding her breathe with a cry


I will find you


I will follow you my love of many lives from this one


Until we meet again ❤

When I Was A Kid- Halloween Then

Scary House images

I remember when it started getting cooler.  I knew Halloween was coming!! WHOOPIE!!I still get that intense excitement now.  If I could get dressed up and go trick or treating as an adult I would!!  I would start bugging my mother about what I wanted to be for Halloween.  I always wanted to be a Witch.  Instead I got something flimsy n paper but we all got our own Halloween pumpkins for our candy.  Which disappeared and was reused for many years to come.  Then came the Halloween Bag MORE CANDY!!! DUHHH!!! I used to explain to my mom that is we just used those big Halloween plastic bags we could get more candy and didn’t have to go home to dump it and come back out.  Because my mom really was the Chocolate Beastie for real!! She compromised and bought us bags and used the pumpkins for decorations.  My sisters and I used to get out and go trick or treating.  We never had anything happen to us.  I do remember when the 1st time in Herrin Illinois that my mom took our candy to be X-rayed.  I thought it was so she could stash her own supply.  I grew up here in the Midwest.  I moved to Southern Illinois in 1974 to a small town called Energy.  So actually the Midwest is all I have truly known of being “at home”  and of course the mountain top in Western Pennsylvania.  It was Ebensburg Pennsylvania to be exact.  My dad always found the small towns to live in a better way to know your neighbors and keep track of your kids. Some of my memories are fading a bit I admit.  I remember the fun of seeing everyone dressed up in school we would make pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, witches and we even had a parade.  We used to have contests of who could decorate their classrooms the best.  We had real baked good ALL homemade. It felt like a real community and you literally had to watch what you did. Someone knew your mother and father.

Halloween 1970 il_794xN.1946016344_k8ip

We would go to the local Methodist Church in Energy IL.  That is where I was a member of the church choir at a very young age.  I loved to sing and actually sang duets with my mom.  My mom had and still has an amazing voice.  I used to cry sometimes when she would sing. My favorite song she sang was “The Old Rugged Cross’ her favorite song she heard as a child growing up in Tennessee with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Presnell her adopted grandparents.  I know I am off a bit.  That takes me back to the church at Halloween.  They used to have a haunted house and all kinds of fun things for us kids back then.  My mother was the gypsy fortune teller. The parents were involved and we had a blast.  See I didn’t mind sitting and listening to a good preacher if they can actually have a sermon around and include that holiday.  I actually went to the church and hung out with the church pianist Mrs Snyder.  She would play and I would just stand there and sing up a storm.  Even tho I am a witch, those old songs still touch my heart because they were part of a time when everything was new and a beginning in so many ways.

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The ghost stories were my most fun thing to do and listen to.  Whether it be old camp stories or the older kids out to scare the shit out of the younger kids. I loved it.  Every home we have ever lived in had a Spirit or ghosts whichever you prefer.  I never really believed it came so much from the house.  But I believe the spirits that had lived there before.  I guess my surroundings had a lot to do with it.  I lived in the heart of the Midwest corn fields which were transformed into mazes. I loved Illinois. I had my issues growing up but you know you get past that and move on.  You wanna talk bullying!!  BUT people change the grow up and get out in the big bad world and you find out.  Different ethnicities are all around you.  You learn about them and the old prejudice that you might have felt at one time falls away.  I also remember kids that their parents didn’t believe the way all other parents did.  They didn’t celebrate the holidays as we did.  But I understood that is their belief and you should never try to sway someone from what is in their heart.  So that is why I have always been open and felt it was necessary for me to read and learn about all beliefs.  NOW I will get back to my story..


I remember our town carnivals with pie contests, jam & jelly contests, bread contests, quilt and sewing contests.  I remember Mrs. Zeba my Home Economics teacher in Carterville High School teaching us about baking breads and cakes for fall. It was so much fun.  I don’t even know if they have HomeEc anymore.  WE always had some type of bizarre, fundraiser, selling baked goods, books you name it.  I miss the sense of community.  Laughing and joking.  You do not see benches with the elderly telling stories.  I remember in Energy Illinois I was off school on Christmas Break.  We used to have an old candy store before the Polar Whip in town.  You could go up there anytime of the day when the cold weather set in and that wood stove would be going and a bunch of old guys telling stories about the early days in Energy “before all of got built up”.  I know it was like 1975 so for them it was all built up almost city like.  We heard all kinds of stories.  Halloween was the most fun.  They would tell some crazy stories about ghosts and monsters that lived there way back when they were young. Dressing up in whatever they could to make a costume.  They said sometimes they got sweets.  Sometimes apples and homemade cookies.  I know I used to love the homemade treats.  You always knew who the best cooks and bakers were.  I remember them talking about how at one time it was all fields they worked and played in. But those where my memories of Halloween..


You know when you grow up sometimes we go back to our childhood as a reminder of what the past was to be able to make our future better.  Even if you don’t have family here you can still have a family in your community.


Jackie Eyster ❤

SQUIRT EYSTER THE DANVILLE SQUIRREL- .😁 From Video on Facebook Created by Jackie Eyster 03/23/2019


Written by Jackie Eyster squirrel n friends images

Well poor Squirt was being pecked by the birds that have finally decided to defend their bird feeders.. So I buy food for Squirt too.. Banjo n Badass Eyster our ENOURMOUS raccoons that live in the backyard were eating Squirts food and I am sure smacking him around claiming their territory. Yo Squirt.. This is like our turf.. Find another feeding hole.. Squirt stood tall and said NO!! I will not go and find Nuts anywheres else!! Those r my Nuts ova there see. And I am not budging see.

funny squirrel 23d5f9868f7d76c79c49bef53ae08f7f--squirrel-funny-red-squirrel


Squirt called on Nunya n Skittles Coyote.. They said next time u give me a problem.. Call them..
They will cram a peanut butter jar on ya head.. Yo Badass didn’t that happen to u already..
BAHAHA.. Nunya n Skittles are from Boston Mass, they were caught n forced to come here.
So like me they are transplants too just trying to feed their families. I see my lady human come out and listen to them howl on full moon. She lights candles n puts out food for all of us. Her and the man human live in the house on Kentucky Street. Bubba Bob Don is the squirrel that runs the place. When I got there I thought the raccoon brothers did. Nah.. There just a buncha noise and they guard the front of the house. They have some kinda super power called Rabies.
I don’t think I want that. So I stay clear. Here life is different. It’s not as fast paced. Getting across the street is a lot easier. Now they got a lot of birds here tho man. If a squirrel isn’t careful they are lunch. I knew this guy. His name was Whitey. A white squirrel. Ya.. Go figure. He had to have body guards against these birds. I heard he was taken out a few months ago.
They tried to save him but that falcon was just to fast. We have a falcon and a freakin’ hawk here. But that is life in the country man. Here a squirrel can make his home.
Eh.. I know ur thinking.. Why does this Indiana Squirrel sound like he’s from Jersey?? Well..
Ima Jersey transplant. I was minding my own business in Vineland NJ. I found a box with some kinda plastic fruit n nuts n flowers in it. I said Yo WTH.. Next thing I know. It goes dark..
I was stuck in a box man!! It’s a bumpy ride. Sometimes felt like I couldn’t breathe.


I broke out of the box. I was trying to squeeze between all of these walls. After what seemed like foreva. The truck stopped I heard a weird noise and there was light!! I ran like hell n jumped out of my giant trap. I heard laughing from humans. I listened. They said they moved to Indiana.. I said.. Squirt.. Where the hell is Danville Indiana?? I ran and I ran until I got to a Tennessee Street. I ran to a tree on Kentucky Street. See us squirrels can read.. We just dont tell ya. I saw
this chic giving out free food. I said HEY!! She sounds like me when she talks!! She’s gotta be cool if she is handing out free food. U gotta see the squirrels here!! These country boys r big man!! Bubba is born n raised here in Danville!! He lets me stay in his yard here on Kentucky cause he likes the way I talk. He thinks its “right on”. This Jersey Transplant squirrel is loving it…
Here..😁 I wouldn’t of made it thru this winter without human man n human lady. They put food out for us. All kinds of food. I tried italian, chinese, mexican and the lady human gives us what she calls “Leftovers” and man she can cook. I hear them call each other names. But I don’t think they are really their names. She calls him a Meaner B*****d he calls her a Squirrely B***h. She doesn’t look like a squirrel. When they yell like that it reminds me of home out in the old family tree. We used to hear them yell at each other and they weren’t even mad. Just talking and laughing. I think the human man’s name is Billy Eyster and the lady is Jackie Eyster.
Now it’s rare they call each other that. The lady wears a t-shirt that says “My kinda humor may hurt ur feelings” I knew she was an East coast chic. The man Billy sounds like a Sgt when he sounds off sometimes. I almost fall into line. But they are both cool. I love it here tho. Nice big backyard to run in. If I have any problems I go and see Bubba and he will go to the Great Wise  Owl Norway or he goes to Barry the Groundhog that lives in the woods behind the broken fence. I was there that day!!! Lemme tell ya!! The wind was blowing really hard, I stayed in my hole for a little while. I peaked out and heard this giant CRRRRRRACK!!! Down came that tree man!! It took out the back part of the fence. The rabbit that handles the real estate in the back.
She tried to give it to me at “a good deal”. I said I wouldn’t give 2 nuts for that tree it’s condemned!! I have seen trees in Camden n Philly that look better than that. I mean it would have been covered by my homeowners. BUT.. HEY.. not ready to settled down and get with a dame yet. Ya know. Starting a family… Well I wanna wait for a while. Getting back on subject.
Here the food is so fresh. I have nuts years round here. The summers are nice you can lay back on a branch in the breeze. The animals here are very friendly. They will help ya if you need it. They consider it a hand up not a hand out. They don’t know if they will need a favor themselves I am there. I got a job working for Bubba n his family the Dans. I know Bubba Dan is a cool name I think. My name is Frankie Butuvantanni they call me Squirt for short. A Good Jersey Squirrel name. I have sent my parents and brothers and sisters invites to come to the midwest. My ma she says her joints hurt n she can’t sit for long periods of time. I told her Ma!!
Have the Squirrel Wagon pull over n stretch ur legs. She doesn’t wanna come out of the black walnut tree. My sisters are afraid to travel long distances. They have like 10 kids 20 grandkids n a bunch of great grands. I have one sister that made it to California. She lives high up in a Cali rooftop Palm Tree. She works for Squobe. My dad well.. He owns a T D Ryks Mobil Squome repair business in Florida. If your mobil squome breaks down he will fix it. I don’t know about u.
But Florida is very dangerous for squirrels. I don’t even think there are many there. They are all coming to the midwest!! There was a hole family eaten by a python!! A python man!! The alligators chase u up the tree and the pythons eat ya!!I think someone has a deal going!! Seriously!! I went to visit my cousin Hank in the Everglades. Um NO THANK U!! This city squirrel was not having that!! Everything eats everything there. Mother nature is doing her best to protect us. But the humans are gaining ground on us. I am lucky tho. I have a great home right here on Kentucky Street. I know have called Danville Indiana home since 2017 when I jumped outta that box on that truck. I am glad
tho. I look forward to finding a hometown squirrel and settling down. I like my job I am a gatherer and I take my job seriously. I have made my home here. We are all safe here on our little lot.
Well thats my story.. Thanks for reading.
Squirt Eyster OUT!!!

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By Jackie Eyster

Do u believe in Ghosts?? Have you ever seen a ghost?? If u have tell us what u have experienced.. By Jackie Eyster

woman-gothic-dark-horror-39628If u have had a paranormal experience please let us know.. we would love to hear it.. I have seen many ghosts in my lifetime. I remember my invisible playmate Dobb. He was a real person he dressed like the guy from the Gordon’s Fisherman bag. He spoke with a Scottish or Irish accent. He said he used to work on a boat when he was alive off the coast of Connecticut. We were living in a trailer in Shady Acres in Danbury, Ct.. I was about 4 or 5 years old. It’s funny what you can actually remember. He said his house caught on fire and he jumped in the shower to wait for the fire department to come. I remember seeing him go into the bathroom and telling my mom or dad they couldn’t go in there because Dobb was in there. His last name was Dobson and they called him Dobb for short. He said he came from the other side of the world when he was young. He never married and had no children. That wasn’t my only time. Thru the years I would awaken to see someone sitting on my bed or stand at the end of it. I would catch Spirits walking by or just feel them around.
I remember seeing and hearing Spirits talking at my Oma and Opa Ryks house. I would hear voices and music coming from the basement like a party was going on. I would see caskets sitting in the living room. I remember lying on the couch with my cousin Justin Chappuis we were very young. Our parents were on the front porch smoking and talking with the other family. We heard voices coming from around us. WE yelled OMA!!!!!. She seemed to have the gift to come in and make them go away. That house was just creepy but it was home. When I slept in the living room on the couch I would see shadows go by. I remember staying the night with her. I saw a man dressed in a suit come out of the closet go out and disappear into a casket in the living room. I got up the next day and it wasn’t there. I remember my dad telling me stories of Indonesia and how he saw Spirits all the time there. Oma said they walked around just like the live people. I would sit there entranced in her stories about ghosts, healers and voodoo type religious belief. She said her mother was able to tell the future. She could also. I remember when she came to see me and my ex husband in Vineland NJ. She told me that she saw Joe’s grandmother. I was like Oma, Gram is with Grandpa at home. She said noooooo… I talked to Giovanna. Joe and I were like WHAT?? She said she would come in her room and try to talk to her when she was sleeping. I also saw her a few times. So did Joe’s brother Johnny’s then girlfriend Tammy Bragg. She saw and heard things there also. But that is 2 of my ghost stories..
Jackie Eyster

Nothing More Than Evil To Me by Jacki Eyster NEW SONG LYRICS IN WORKS ;)

So young .. So youthful… So unafraid..
I am lied to repeatedly.. then it is me.. that you place blame..
Never looking in the mirror ..
Your demons in disguise.. Trouble in blonde..
You use your looks.. Your persuasive manner.. They have no where to hide..
To cast your evil spell on anyone that matters.. At anyones cost..
Make me something important.. Let me stand on your back..
Even when you bleed.. What you bleed is my blood you loose..
Tearing at the rumor mills.. You feel you cannot loose.. To go into your den..
To feed into your lies.. They are unaware of signing over their lives..
Once daylight strikes you.. You disappear.. Dark always finds your lies..
They will reappear.. Even years later I will call you out..
To me you will always be .. Nothing more than EVIL to me..
You have sent the evil spawn to do the labor of what you cant bring..
Even when you pay others to cast upon it.. It will collect from you..
You sent it out into the world.. You have given one soul over to death..
He whispered it in my ear one stormy night thru my pillow as I slept..
I wouldn’t push my luck if I were you.. The mirror is speaking back to you..
You have gone to far.. Back down evil one.. You need to be saved..
Trouble in blonde.. U can only pay the price.. In hell you will pay for all of that..