My Writing😁



I know.. I know… I write randomly and my thoughts break out in brilliant lights of constant rippling thoughts.. NOT.. Since I have moved here to Indiana I have had an explosion of ideas to write about.  Fall is my time to write.  I don’t know if its the thrill of being here again or just the fact I connect with the season better.  I was born in the Spring in Danbury Connecticut.  But where I love it is Fall in Danville Indiana.  When we picked our home we knew instantly we wanted it.  Funny thing our realtor Jennifer Morris had sent us this house as the  very first home to look at.  I said no.. I wanted this and I wanted that. I would have saved us a year of looking LOL.  Sometimes we take the path least traveled and go the long road to come back to what Jennifer had said was “the perfect home for us”.. I have to laugh because we adore this home and I really couldn’t see myself living anywhere else.  WE had a great team to work with and I can’t forget our miracle worker Kim Hockaday. I call the team of Jennifer and Kim The Angel N Wizardess of real estate.  Our dream home has needs fixing here and there.  But the overall feel is comfortable and full of loving Spirits.

The first night we moved in I had placed boxes in the front room flat against the open door. No way for it to tip over and fall.  We had not moved the bed over yet.  But my spyder feeling was we had someone living with us.  I knew they would show themselves.  Billy and I saged the whole house. It felt warm and receptive.  About 3:00 am they made themselves known.  The big box fell onto the floor waking Billy and I up.  WE were sleeping in the living room.  I thought OKAY.. You are welcoming us into our new home.  WE started drifting back to sleep when a pot fell from inside the sink out onto the floor.  NOW you have my attention and I am going to yell at you for waking up a menopausal woman with sleep issues.  I opened the doors front and back. I lit my sage, I said my house blessing letting them know if they were here for good they may stay.  If they were not good to get out now!! You are not wanted here!! We heard a strange noise and that was it.  No more noises.  I see shadows from time to time. I see little light sparkles from time to time also.  My fairies roaming the house.  Since we moved here they are very happy.  I must say they didn’t like living in Irvington.

Our backyard is very magical to us.  The trees are beautiful and have this unbelievable life force that makes our yard so unique to us.  If you are reading this and looking for the perfect home. Go to Jennifer Morris Real Estate Agent/Broker FC Tucker. If you are in Iowa Barbara Bybee of Coldwell Banker Hedges Realty.  Gotta give my girls a shout out.