Comet and the Bologna Sandwich by Jacqueline Eyster

Comet and the Bologna Sandwich by Jacqueline Eyster


One evening I heard jingling  and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  I kept calling for William. I heard no reply. I thought ok I am going to bed.  So I went to the back door and I saw a soft glow and again the sound of bells. I happened to notice the smell of fried bologna heavy in the air.  I had cleaned the kitchen completely. I called out to William one more time. I heard laughing and whispering and snorting laughter. I pulled back the curtain on the back door. I was shocked to see a floating reindeer eating a fried bologna sandwich from my husband Williams hand.  The shimmer from his coat was magnificent and my husband appeared differently. I noticed that William was dressed as an? ELF?!!! WHAT!! I stepped out the back door to see a name plate on the reindeer it read “COMET”. I stepped out and I said WILLIAM!!!!!! Is that the real… COMET?? William turned to me with a smile and said.  YES JACKIE!! Its really Comet!! I walked up to him and I thought for sure I would sneeze being allergic to horses like I am. I figured I would be allergic to him too. Not so tho. He nodded and in half deer language said Hello to me.. I stood there in absolute amazement. I then hear my husband start to speak in reindeer. I said what are you saying?? What kind of language is that?? William said.. OK I must tell you. I am one of Santas retired Special Aviation Ranger Elves.  I was part of the North Polar Special Operations Command for Arctic Shield. I, like all of the other elves started out at Santa’s workshop in the Reindeer training and cleaning post. We were taught all about reindeer and Comet and I became really good friends. Comet came to visit and catch up since he has a wife, doe and buck of his own. His wife is Bella and his children are Galax and Star. He said Santa needed me to come back with him to help with Christmas. Since I got my degree at Claus University in Wood Working and minor in Painting and Stuffing.  Santa said there were so many good children this year he needs to bring all of us out of retirement to help him with orders, packing the sleigh and delivering.  

I have to say all I could do is stare at Comet at which he turned and gave me a big toothy grin smile.  He said thank you for the fried bologna sandwich. I said you are welcome and he would be back for William in 2 days.  I said ok thank you give my best to Bella, Galax and Star. As he flew away. I looked at William and he looked normal again.  I looked his pointy ears were gone. The boots replaced the elf shoes. I said.. WHATEVER!! I came in and started washing the frying pan.  I was a bit annoyed. I mean who doesn’t tell their wife YOU ARE ONE OF SANTAS “RETIRED” ELVES. I said well I bet you will have fun at Santa’s shop.  That is when William told me I could go. They are allowed to take one person. He said he took his brother TJ when he was 11. They did the candy cane wash and TJ forgot his visit with his brother.  William said Santa needed the wives that could cook and bake to step up and help bake cookies and make candy for the stockings. I said YAY!! I said. 

WAIT A MINUTE!! Am I going to get Candy Caned?? He looked away laughing. I said William are you going to Candy Cane me?? He said probably not.  They may need me for next year and it is a lot to learn in 14 days. So if he candy caned me I would forget. I was excited and ready to pack. The next day I was so full of energy and could not wait to see the North Pole and actually get to bake and make cookies and candy with thee MRS SANTA CLAUS!!! Later that evening we suddenly heard a vibrating sound coming from the closet with bright lights.  Playing Jingle Bells really fast. William answered the call. He said YES, SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN.. I guess that being Christmas code.

William said there is an emergency?? Santa may have trouble getting the toys out because the Naynobbers have joined forces trying to stop the Christmas Spirit.  Santa said he needs us to get his sleigh outfitted with the best technology to keep the reindeer and Santa safe. So we have to retro fit the dampers and master reset the fusion reactor for when Santa time jumps to other locations safely.  WE are going to refit Santa’s sleigh to a newer version of the C.N.O.R.R.T. (Candy Nuclear Outburst Rocket Reindeer Thruster). It being outdated and created at Scooter Doo Industries North Pole Defense Initiative. So it looked like I would have to ride to the North Pole with Comet all alone. I didn’t speak reindeer.  So now what?? That’s when William came to me to let me know that Comet’s wife Bella was coming also. They were bringing a sleigh for myself and the other wives and husbands of Santa’s other Special Operations Elves. Little did I know that the elves are police officers, firemen and paramedics.  


I happened to be looking out the window at the beautiful snowfall it was starting to really come down.  I saw a bright blue flash as it landed in the snow in the front yard. It glowed and threw out sparkles of shimmering blue.  I ran out of the door and reached down to pick it up. Written on it were both of our names from Santa Claus. It was a SnowGram from Santa Claus.  Two orphan children a brother and a sister had written him a letter. The only thing they wanted for Christmas was to have parents that fit our description to the tee. He asked that we go to the Adoption Agency and fill out our information and tell our story.  You will find each other that is my Christmas gift to you both. I smiled as I read the Snow Gram. Children in the house for Christmas. That is the greatest gift. Then from behind the tree I heard a tiny voice. Hello, Hello Jackie?? I said yes.. As I looked into the shrub.  She appeared and I fell back into the snow yelling out. William ran out of the front door and he said BLAINNA!! Is that you?? She said yes William it is. I said WOW a little girl elf!! Blainna looked at me and said. I will have you know I am 1200 years old!! I said my apologies.. I didn’t know.  William said Blainna, you didn’t reveal yourself to your wife?? 

I said no he did not. I didn’t know until I met Comet and well it is cold out here can we go inside?  Blainna said William reveal yourself!! William threw his hands up and a bright light surrounded him and he shrunk down into a very muscular little elf with a tiny little voice. He was outfitted with military type gear. An oxygen mask and a suit with the ability to fly at great heights. All of the sudden I knew we were not alone.  Coming from many directions were all of Santa’s Special Operations Elves. I turned around and 4 Danville Officers were standing in their SANTA gear others were setting up the take off area in the large parking lot. I turned and I said oh my gosh. I know who all of you are. I read the badges that matched the faces. Their names were different. But I recognized all of them. Officer Oodles Twinkleton, Officer Chipper Sugarkin, Officer Bitsy Bellsbee, Officer Twilight McFurley.  They had set up a headquarters. You have to realize it is dark and it had stopped snowing. The snow matched the beauty of the stars that shined down. We had so many elves and they were waiting for Officer Jazzy McCheer known as the tallest elf. He was Santa’s “Ground Guide” as he pulled in with his police truck. He reached in to get the Control Candy Canes. They were brightly lit. Although there were so many elves. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. They were waiting for the rest of the crew to come in. You had the Indiana State Police Elves, Hendricks County Sheriff’s Elves, Danville Fire Department and Paramedic Elves. Even our town Pastor Stoney Way came to pray with everyone. All at once you heard what sounded like wind through the trees. They were starting up their JATO(Jet Assisted Take Off) gear.  Officer Jazzy McCheer nodded everyone started lining up for take off. He was guiding them down the parking lot and off they went. On their way to the North Pole. As it came to his turn. William gave me a kiss and he lined up and off he went. Soon everyone was gone and off the police truck went into the direction of the elves. I looked there was sparkles and up the truck went. They said it was at least a 500 reindeer he had under that hood.


I looked down at the snow. Feeling a bit alone. I hear that little voice. It was Blainna.  She was going to go with me to the North Pole. She knew I was new to all of this. How did I not know?  Then I heard a snort and jingles from behind me. It was Comet and Bella with this huge sleigh. I ran inside and made a few sandwiches for reindeer fuel.  I heard many voices. People were arriving to help in any way they could. As Stoney took the reins up, up and away he shouted. And we were all off with a pull of the reins.  I am scared of heights but for some reason I felt safe. Sitting beside me holding my hand was Blainna. Everyone listened as she told the story of the Naynobbers and how they were trying to stop the Christmas Spirit.  It was going to be a bit of a ride. I pulled my hood tighter, it was not that cold. I was surprised. I closed my eyes listening to the story and taking in the cool night air. I must have fallen asleep.

PS.. To ALL of wonderful Officers that serve and protect our community, to our Firemen and Paramedics that keep us safe from harm. I thank you so very much. This is written with the respect and admiration for all that you do for our community. I always say a prayer for all to stay safe.
**Also know I will not give up your names. I know those of you that work for Santa and need to remain anonymous. I will keep your secret 😉