Until WE Meet Again by Jacqueline Eyster

Until We Meet Again


By Jacqueline M Eyster – 4-saying-goodbye-sunset-window-43643712018




Your not what you seem


You came from another time or place


The heart that beats


Beats of the dark side


Thru your eyes you will portray the calm


Deep inside you brews a spiteful dragon


As the striking together of two rocks 


Sends the spark igniting the flame


As that flame lights your pathway


She tries calling to you


Her voice echos thru the dim fog


Thru the dimness lies the feeling


The soul of her true self was near


It rode on the winds that blew yesterday


As she lay in your arms briefly did you bring pleasure


The day that would follow would bring the pain of grief


You would be taken from her as you rode


Your horse of war to the ground in a sea of red


She would fall to your side looking deeply into your eyes


She would hold onto your breathe in hers as long as she could


As you escaped the binding of the skin


Your soul broke the cold air as a mist


Your eyes became silent


Holding her breathe with a cry


I will find you


I will follow you my love of many lives from this one


Until we meet again ❤