Heaven’s Closet – Tongue Tied By Jacqueline & William Eyster 

Heaven’s Closet – Tongue Tied
By Jacqueline & William Eyster


Grisella looks up from her paper. She feels something that makes her feel uneasy. Suddenly her mind gets fuzzy. She thinks to herself OMG.. It is happeneing again. She feels like she is forgetting something. This has been happening to her often. Taking her coffee cup she walks into her living room area. She looks into the carved wood and glass case. she just has not felt right since buying her latest magical item. Three items from a black box marked “MY MAGICAL STUFF” sealed with this persons blood. They seemed as if they were moist or wet all the time. When you picked them up they were sweaty. Strange. She had to have it. Someone lost their entire life in the storage unit she purchased for $200.00. The terrible thing. The person owed less than that and had the money to pay for it. Upon loosing everything in the space and her car. she placed a spell on them until everything came back to her. All the years of carefully putting the christmas items away her heart in each piece of Native American and Wiccan ware. All of it will never rest until it is back with its owner. Almost all of it created by the past owner. Ever since she pulled the wand with the owl and the google eyes with the crystal ontop, the tiny crystal ball, the athame. The entire room seemed to take on a new ambiance. She used to walk in and she felt so good. Now she felt sorrow and had to quickly leave the room. She peered out of the window and thought about the car that her son had purchased. He was back and forth and all over Tennessee in that car. Even he felt uneasy in it. BUT he needed transportation. There was no reason for the sale of the items. The owner cast and blew her wishes skyward. Nothing good would come from any of the objects. It doesnt matter how you bless them. They want to be with their owner. So if you loose your job, your home is falling apart, children misbehaving, spouse wandering, sickness. You need to look for the item causing it. Did it come from a storage unit Indianapolis, Indiana?? You dont have to believe in this. It is what it is. Eventually everything will get back to her. What she failed to realize was that magic items are personal and belonged to someone until they were cleansed and given by the owner. It might not happen now. It might wait for you to get somewhere and you are thinking you life is in full gear. Then the carpet is pulled. Sadly the innocent sold objects will return them. They dont belong to them. To steal from someone is the worst thing you can do.
The day before going to flea markets and looking at shops and small out of the way places. Looking for you dont even know. You know it is out there but you are not sure. It is a longing for something. Grisella has started her Christmas shopping and loved giving unique gifts to her friends. Do you hear that? said Grisella to Marianne and Becky. They look around and they see nothing but hear music. It is coming from the speaker over there said Becky. She pointed to the building that was across from this huge church. It was inviting and calling them. They start to walk to the music and sitting meditating on a beautiful rug was a man dressed in robes and sitting next to him is his sitar. He hums and sings causing the wind to pick up and blow as they got closer to the door. He looked intently at the women. A shiver ran down their spine. He looked at the women. AS she reached for the door handle and opened the door everything went silent. Marianne said hey, where is the music? They looked out next to the building to see that it is vacant. No one to be seen. What happened to the man that was sitting singing quietly in meditation. Only the rustling of the trees. They entered the room as the music that ended outside was recreated inside the building. They looked around and the room seemed cluttered and everything so close. Hello, they called out as they were walking. Grisella looked up at the clock with no hands and seemed to get an eerie feeling. Beside it was a piece of wood that pointed to the clock with no hands. It read. YOU ARE RUNNING ON GODS TIME NOW!! They came to a set of long drapes that seemed to cover up a big window. Pulling them open they let out a yell. Angelina stepped out say Hello my name is Angelina how may I make your wishes come true for you. Startled Becky said. Lady you scared the daylights out of me. Angelina smiled and said, Well do you consider that a blessing or would you rather I put it back. They laughed. Angelina smiled. Marianne felt very uneasy and suggested maybe another place for them to go. Maybe we should move onto another store. I feel claustrophobic here. Angelina turned and suggested her looking at some jewelry. That seems to be something to ease your mind. Marianne smiled and said YES!! what do you have? She stepped to the case immediately immersed in the bright bobbles and shine coming from the case. Well said Angelina to Becky and Grisella you need magic wares??
Grisella said. I do not need them, I just collect unique things and I give them as Christmas gifts. That is nice. I have an entire section. We had actually a donation of things. They have not been properly cleansed and the cry for their owner. They both laughed and Becky said come on give me a break. I don’t believe in that. WELL understand this. The creator of anything always puts a bit of himself into an object. When it is stolen or taken in such a way that the bond was never broken. Those involved will all suffer until the items are returned to the owner. So you are saying they are cursed? said Casella. No Angelina said they were never given freely. They were taken in a way that person had no say. The owner vowed for everything to return to her. It will. Here is the isle of new stuff we have recently received hopefully you find what it is you are looking for. Becky grabbed the tree that held candles. Angelina she said I think you have a leak back here or a lot of moisture? No she said quietly. They are weeping and sad. She quickly placed the tree back. Oh she said rolling her eyes. Creepy place!! Thanks Grisella. She made her way over to clothing and left Crisella by herself. Everything was so beautiful. A Lot of Native American stuff she thought mixed with books on Natives, animals speaking, Wicca, the book Lord n Lady. Hmmm thought Grisella. JRM was engraved on everything. That is strange. She found a box marked MY MAGIC STUFF.. She opened it and said WOW. The red felt on the bottom cushioned the wand. The was a necklace with a tooth. bottles, a small crystal ball, an athame, a car key and a small heart that was cracked that had the initials JJM. Other little things the owner held sacred. She closed the box. She would take these and she grabbed the native items. A water pitcher looking thing, a flute, a Native American pipe, a leather pouch and some pictures and a few books. All of them moist to the touch. She saw a flash before her eyes. It looked like 4 women performing some kind of ritual and a black demon of some kind rose up from the floor. They were not the original owner. She heard them call it Chaos. Stay until you tear them part. Then she saw a woman lying on the bed crying next to the window. Saying she was sorry. She didn’t want him to leave. She felt tears rise in her eyes. Her chest got tight. She put the pillow back.
Maybe when I get them home I will put them in the sun and dry them out. She felt like she had accomplished a lot. AS she walked to the register. The ladies came together. Becky and Marianne empty handed. Grisella said You are not buying ANYTHING!!?? Not from here said Becky. Will that be all said Angelina. Yes and can you wrap them in paper. Of course she said with a smile. She slowly began to wipe them off and ring them up. Are you sure you want to buy those? Do not give me that stuff for Christmas said Marianne out loud and laugh. This is junk!! Angelina looked at Becky and said. It was someones life possessions is what it was. Not to be made fun of. This was someones treasures. She laughed and said If you say so lady. AS she backed up something tripped her. Wait it was a plant she must of stepped on. The ivy had wrapped around her foot. They walked towards the door and looked outside. It was so dark.. What time was it?? They looked up and saw the moon creeping out in the sky.. Crisella looked at her watch. It was 8:30pm. Where did time go, it seemed like noon when they went into the shop. The sun was high in the sky. That is weird. I hope you don’t have to return anything. They laughed and went to the mini van and got in. Lets go get dinner I am starved!! OK they chimed and turned on the radio. They ate and finished their night out with a toast to see each other again tomorrow. AS they clinked the glasses in celebration. The glasses exploded sending wine everywhere. They sat in shock as the waitress ran over with towels. That ended their evening. Each went home to have really strange dreams. They were walking and ended up at Heavens Closet and they were being pulled towards the door. They didn’t sleep well all night. Waking up exhausted. It was 3:00 AM on the button. Grisella awoke to the soft sound of crying. She got up and said Hello?? Who is there?? She say a figure go down the stairs. Never hearing the steps creak she followed the figure as it disappeared into the living room area. She flipped the switch on. As the room came to life with light. Nothing. Not a sound. She heard it!! At least she thought she had!! Maybe she was dreaming. OK back to bed. 6:30 am comes early. Climbing the steps to her room she felt chilled. She laid in the bed and listened to the house shift and the clock flip numbers. She closed her eyes. Nothing. The next thing she knew her alarm was going off and it was 8:00 AM. How in the world?? What happened?? She jumped up as her cell phone was ringing. Hi are you ok says the voice thru the phone. Yes, why do you ask? Because you had a 7:45 meeting and you are not here? OMG!! she cleared her head. I will be there as soon as I can.
Marianne was up and playing with her young daughter. She was laughing and pointing at the corner behind her. What is so funny? It is the funny man in the corner mommy!! He is making faces!! Don’t you see him, he came home with you last night.
Becky was already in her art studio and had just started her new vase. She loved her pottery. She remembered what Angelina had said for some reason. What was it? Something about your creation becomes apart of you? Yes. Something like that. At that point she could understand it. AS she peered up at the mirror she saw a figure behind her. Startled she jumped and said who is there?? Looking back into the mirror she saw nothing. Hmmmm… She molded the clay and started to mold her work.
Strange what happens. Does our story end here? No actually it just begins. Do you think objects can really miss their owners? Can someone really come in and release a demon in your home? I believe they can. Some people are so hurt and disappointed they reach for whatever they can to strike back. Even if that person sent them healing. They cannot see the good you sent or did for them. Their pain even tho self inflicted is so deep. Wounds that you think will never heal. They will but you must stop picking at the scab. Stop doing wrong. But you have to ask yourself. What happened. How did she get herself into this mess. She was recalling something. Wait a minute. In her dream a very sad woman called out to assist her in her spellwork. Three other women swayed and lent their powers to bring this about. This will give them back what they deserve. One woman did not feel right about this. Are you sure this is a good idea? I gave up my life to help another she said. They had all met and a man had questions about the craft and told to come to her for help. Her and her husband were devoted to the Pagan world. Him maybe more Norse. I could offer money if you will send this woman away. She has come to my home. Problem is my mother claims to want her here. I need total destruction and for her to be sent away. Someone said she had been a practicing witch. I found the other one. They initiated themselves in. I need her gone. That is fine. My ladies and I will help you.We need the community can take it all away. She is attending school where? OK We start there. WE make it to where she is in debt. WE take her job from her. Then make it impossible for her to get another. Do you have access to her friends. I am going to where she used to live. WE have a P.I. in our family we will slowly take everything she builds apart. if she creates music we will take everything when she leaves. I will switch out the drive on her computer. You know it all seems so far fetched but she will just look crazy like what I did to my mother. I didn’t want her to come. She destroyed our plans. Now I want everything taken from her. My brother gave her money hoping she would take it and leave. She didn’t and she really thought my mother brought her here for her to do better. I don’t care what it takes I will pay. Are you willing to give up your husband. I need you to make her fall in love with you. But keep her at arms length. Can you do this? Yes he says as he comes out of the dark. I was trained to do this. He laughs as he already has plans to take her heart, destroy her however he has to. He sees her alone, penniless, crying.. But she had other plans for him and his friends. You have to remember it doesn’t matter who you call upon to destroy someone. That is correct they all will get it back.. What if she say it from the beginning and say the pay out to her benefit? All the laughter, drinking and plans to destroy her. Over the lies of another. No one wins in this situation. He takes her heart, she spills her entire life of pain.. He vows to never hurt her like that. But in the devilish smile. He tries to claim her and destruction begins with the signing of the place they would call “ours”. I think back.. That must be real love if you can sacrafice your husband for money. All he has to do is totally destroy someone. When one thing stops working you go to a new height. Why doesn’t he discuss his past. Where are all of his friends? His heart in somewhere else. You are constantly put within harms way. You know what you know to be true. You are told of its falsehood and you are crazy. You are not. The plan simply doesn’t work. Coming back and putting her heels on was she that absorbed into the dream.. How did she recount that. Why did he or they do it?? What was the ending result. If her belongings were to go away. It was easier to make her go away. She grabbed her heart. She felt like a lot of promises were made. Time was running out on a contract that was supposed to be fulfilled. A lot of money at stake. She would think more on it later. She took the necklace with the dragon holding a crystal ball in her hand. This meant something to someone. When she placed it on her neck. Flashes coming fast almost knocking her to the floor. Arguing, a figure being thrown into a wall, anger and threats to take her out. Grisella pulled the necklace off and threw it. She grabbed her purse and headed for the door. She left it on the floor. What was wrong with her. Shaking she closed the door and headed for the steps. The brisk air caught in her nostrils just so that they froze when she took that breath in. What happened to the owner??

AS Grisella walked thru work like she were in a daze. She excused herself in the meeting. She just wasn’t feeling right and she stumbled to the bathroom. Standing in the bathroom mirror, everything went black. Swirling as the scene comes into sight. She is under a window and is listening to everything. She is dressed all in black including her boots. She listens hoping to hear something. She hears men talking and a woman with a heavy southern accent talking on what sounded like a speaker phone. There were quite a few people there. The voice said, well she is still alive. I left to go to my sisters. She was running a fever and she was suppose to die!! That bitch took her to the hospital. Then I had to deal with my sisters and brothers. If she is going to interfere with us. WE will take her out. I got her and her boyfriends signature thru the city. They used their names to help me. But he knows. I asked him to get into the business. He said no because she told him to.. BUT that is ok.. I will ruin her. WE would have been rich beyond our belief but that bitch came her from New Jersey. WELL I tried said the southern Voice. She and her girlfriend asked me point blank. I told to it was ok to move here to Tennessee. He laughed out loud. Dumb ass thought we wanted to be friends. So money works with poor people. I proved that to her. I went to the small trailer park and I started handing out money to people. I said there was more where that came from. I reached out to the blues. If I get them in my pocket. I can bring her friends and ruin her. AS long as people keep working together. It will happen. Take out her podcasts next.. Go to the owners of the podcast company.. Offer money and a support. They will grant us access. I got to all my brothers and sisters/ Put doubt in everything. THEY said they would help. She claims to be a witch. WELL.. Lets see her use her powers he said with a sneer. I will ruin her. She doesn’t fully trust him. He needs to be shaken up.. Tell him he needs to step it up.. We have them in an apartment. I think she has figured it out.. She wont use what she has against us. BECAUSE she doesn’t like to hurt anyone. I told her. ANYONE CAN BE BOUGHT. EVERYONE HAS A PRICE. I can manipulate them.. I can reach out to my brothers and sisters in flight. They will do anything I say. She is my family and she already knows it is us. She asked me not to take their son and have them all committed. I had everything there and then.. But these people are stupid and do not even realize they are all being played. If I come down. I take them all out with military strategy. That is why I do not want people to figure it out so I keep up the promises. I think some people are opening their eyes. So the man was meant for her and her husband was suppose to be returned to her.. Chaos is deadly.. Not only can it be put on someone or placed in someones home. But demons do not stay where you place them.. You have now called on them and we have to put it back. It told her you need to put it back.. Then I find out she is a Book Witch. She can only read and find spells they do not come from within. She cannot just spin a spell. What now? Then her image re emerged. She wet her face and was nauseated. She came out sweating and said she was leaving. She made it home in silence. No radio. Just thought.
She made it home kicking off her shoes at the door dropping everything. She was starting to get dizzy she dropped on the couch. She walked out of an alley. It was dark she hears music loud. country, blues, rock as she walked by the bars. People seemed to move out of the way.. She looked pale and sickly. She passed out. She woke up in a hospital her arms tied to a bed. The nurse came in. She was having a problem talking. The words were coming to mind. She was trying to force them out. What happened? The nurse said in a truly southern accent. Well hello. How are you feeling Miss? I.. am.. Gris-….. I … am Grisell… I am Grisella. My head.. is.. heavy… The nurse came over and took her hand. The nurse called for the Doctor. Dr. Fontanew came in. Hi.. How are we doing Grisella??? Feeling like she were tongue tied and dry. Where.. am… I?? You are in Nashville, Tennessee. Where are you from? Jersey. How did I get here?? said Grisella. That I do not know. It was said someone saw you come from an alley. You had no identification. You would say out loud. I don’t want to go with that man on the boat. He is trying to kill me. Who is HE?? Grisella could not even remember anything. Can you do a blood test doctor? I already did. We are waiting for the results. Being able to talk more freely. I don’t take anything except asthma meds, a tylenol when needed. I do not smoke or drink anymore. You are dehydrated he said. You have blisters on your feet. Do you know why you might be here? No she said quickly.. He would never believe that something magical had brought her there. Well, I will be back with your results shortly. Just rest if you need anything press this button. She looked at the window and saw light peeking thru. How long had she been there?? Nurse, yes she said. How long have ai been here 2 days. OMG!!! her job!! She got up to go the bathroom. Her feet hit the cold floor and was a bit of a shock. She felt electricity and cried out as she sank and vanished into the floor. The nurse screamed and fainted. Grisella hit her body with such intensity she almost sat straight up. She looked around.. Wide awake now she went up the steps she used a hanger to pick up the necklace which had an unusual glow to it. OMG.. What is this she cried to herself. Shaking she brought the necklace back downstairs to add to the collection. She opened the case. Laid the necklace carefully next to the magical items. She could see the beads of water. It was like tears. Her heart hurt. She picked up the phone and dialed the number on the card stapled to the bag.
Heaven’s Closet Angelina speaking how may I make your dreams come true? Angelina!!! Yes Grisella she said. What have you learned? Grisella froze. What do you mean? Well what did you learn of Jannine the previous owner? Shocked Grisella started to cry. How do I help her. She is being baragged by lies and torment to keep her from reaching her goal.. She stopped a woman from being killed. All the woman wanted to do was return home. She and her children tried to destroy Jannine and take insurance money. They are still pursuing her. A woman gave up her marriage for monetary gain. A lot of lives were turned upside down by the daughters husbands family. Very good we know that already said Angeline. Where is she hiding? Are you asking for the family or to actually help her? I know her step father got information that was passed along by the husband of her sister. But why she asked? Well someone had made a bad deal claimed Angelina. He stole money and ideas from many people. The sister closest lied. They all tried to end her. Now. They will loose everything. WHY?? Jannine took all the love she had in her heart for them and the wanting to know and love them as her family. Then, sent it all back to them. You can make a trip or call on this witch person to try to out run a curse already on the family. Each generation all the way back has had a horrific event happen trying to pursue money. This goes all the way back to the death of a Native American Chief that was actually family to his killer. His family was cursed on the Chief’s last breath. They are trying to force something on her. She is in hiding until the authority finally arrests them and brings them to justice for their injustice. A lot of people will suffer in this. They will loose everything they own on down to their families, friends and those that had helped and never realized they were being used. They sat on her couch, they came as friends, they embellished all in the name of taking her down. It comes from every direction.. When someone lies like that. It will happen that way.. The backlash will be great. Everyone got what they needed. A car, a home, a new job, a deal, monetary gain, business contacts. All done to work against her. Now they thought they had tied that knot tight. What she did was rub vaseline in the rope. When they tried to tie it tight. It keeps slipping apart. and slowly coming undone.. WHY? She did have the gift of sight. She saw ahead to what was happening. She thought that after they tried to hurt her. They would stop and learn their lesson. They wont stop. She sees people back peddling, yelling into phones, alot of chaos not for her but for all of them.. The tower of cards is falling. Accidents that were planned for her are now reversing and being played out like a movie. They will read this and know.. They sealed their doom. Admit, ask her forgiveness and turn yourself in. That is what I say. Grisella you have done well. There is a knock at the door. Jannine steps into her house and hugs her tight.. Thru tears she says thank you so much. Grisella says angelina? the line is dead. she tries calling the number back. It says at the tone. You have a reached a number that is out of service, check your number again number 777665. Grisella smiles as she leads Jannine to her wooden box. Hello said Jannine to her magical items as the case takes on a loving glow.
“Can objects really save their owner? Will objects actually do things telepathically or do what they can to help their owner that they were ripped away from? I hear sirens.. Let them suffer their own fate. Let them loose everything and try to tell everyone that they were being set up. No one believed them as the evil laughed and kept her from employment. Did things to make her ill, took advantage of her heart. she had been hurt enough. But the man from New York was familiar. How did she know him? She smiled as she remembered a younger man at the time in Poughkeepsie, NY it was the 7-11 working with Shannon. She remembered him now.. A smile and singing as he came in as the fire blazed across the street from the car explosion.”
Story Written by Jacqueline Eyster
November 22, 2016