Do u believe in Ghosts?? Have you ever seen a ghost?? If u have tell us what u have experienced.. By Jackie Eyster

woman-gothic-dark-horror-39628If u have had a paranormal experience please let us know.. we would love to hear it.. I have seen many ghosts in my lifetime. I remember my invisible playmate Dobb. He was a real person he dressed like the guy from the Gordon’s Fisherman bag. He spoke with a Scottish or Irish accent. He said he used to work on a boat when he was alive off the coast of Connecticut. We were living in a trailer in Shady Acres in Danbury, Ct.. I was about 4 or 5 years old. It’s funny what you can actually remember. He said his house caught on fire and he jumped in the shower to wait for the fire department to come. I remember seeing him go into the bathroom and telling my mom or dad they couldn’t go in there because Dobb was in there. His last name was Dobson and they called him Dobb for short. He said he came from the other side of the world when he was young. He never married and had no children. That wasn’t my only time. Thru the years I would awaken to see someone sitting on my bed or stand at the end of it. I would catch Spirits walking by or just feel them around.
I remember seeing and hearing Spirits talking at my Oma and Opa Ryks house. I would hear voices and music coming from the basement like a party was going on. I would see caskets sitting in the living room. I remember lying on the couch with my cousin Justin Chappuis we were very young. Our parents were on the front porch smoking and talking with the other family. We heard voices coming from around us. WE yelled OMA!!!!!. She seemed to have the gift to come in and make them go away. That house was just creepy but it was home. When I slept in the living room on the couch I would see shadows go by. I remember staying the night with her. I saw a man dressed in a suit come out of the closet go out and disappear into a casket in the living room. I got up the next day and it wasn’t there. I remember my dad telling me stories of Indonesia and how he saw Spirits all the time there. Oma said they walked around just like the live people. I would sit there entranced in her stories about ghosts, healers and voodoo type religious belief. She said her mother was able to tell the future. She could also. I remember when she came to see me and my ex husband in Vineland NJ. She told me that she saw Joe’s grandmother. I was like Oma, Gram is with Grandpa at home. She said noooooo… I talked to Giovanna. Joe and I were like WHAT?? She said she would come in her room and try to talk to her when she was sleeping. I also saw her a few times. So did Joe’s brother Johnny’s then girlfriend Tammy Bragg. She saw and heard things there also. But that is 2 of my ghost stories..
Jackie Eyster