Warnot Ryks & The Great Reese Cup Caper
Story written by Jacqueline Ryks Melini Eyster & WillIam E Eyster Jr.
Illustrations William E Eyster Jr. & Jacqueline Melini Eyster
This book is dedicated to the love Will N I have for each other. Our Family N Friends that stood
by us for all of this. To all of our Vets N Soldiers N Earth Exploration for being there for us.
Love  Jackie N William 
Awakening from a deep and restful sleep. Rowan awoke in his room in Indiana. As
the light trickled thru his window blinds. He stretched that long stretch, the one that felt soooo
good in the morning. He swung his legs off the bed, his mind wide awake. He grabs the remote
and hits ON. You hear classic cartoons coming thru the speakers. As you hear the antics of
Tom N Jerry begin to play. His belly tugs and speaks to him. BRRRR ROWAN..
HUNGGGRRRYYY…. He looks down and says OK TUMMY!! BLUE BERRY POP TARTS !! Off to
the kitchen Rowan goes. His young cousin Nick is still fast asleep inspite of hearing Tom N
Jerry. Slowly Nick opens his eyes, from under his warm blankie. He covers his eyes as he tries
to peek in the direction of the window that appeared to look like a “Box Of Angels” the light was
blinding. From a distance he hears Rowan singing the Tom N Jerry theme song. His nose
catches the smell!! UMMMMMM… I smell POP TARTS!! YAY!! Nick throws off his covers as he
runs into the kitchen. Morning Rowan!! Morning Nick. Rowan already had 2 plates and 2 cups
of milk. Nick asks Is Aunt Jackie and Uncle Will up yet?? No say Rowan. it is Saturday and dad
likes to sleep in. Ok says Nick with a smile. Thank you for breakfast Rowan. You are welcome
Nick. As he messes up Nicks hair as they both walk down the hallway of dreams.
Nick is Jackie’s nephew he is 6 years old. Rowan is Will’s son he is 10 years old. Rowan
goes to the towel closet. Hey Nick, I have an idea. Whats that says Nick with a twinkle in his
eye. Lets do a floor picnic!! O.K. says Nick… Whats a floor picnic?? When I was your age Daddy
and Jackie used to do this for me as part of our family time. Before they got married and we
used to do them when I went to visit they lived in Tennessee then. Rowan then laid the towel on
the floor and pulled it back as close to the bed as he could. He sat their plates down ontop of
the towel on the floor. OK have a seat Nick. Nick says this is so cool Rowan. I think I am going
to have a really good stay with Aunt Jackie, Uncle Will and you. I see says Nick we can sit here
and watch cartoons while we eat our breakfast. They both watch Tom N Jerry happily eating
their blueberry pop tarts. Rowan hears a whizzing noise on commercial. Nick absorbed by the
carttons does not.. HMMMM…. what was that thought Rowan?? OH probably nothing. He goes
back to his cartoons. Nick smells coffee brewing, Aunt Jackie and Uncle Will must be up. Nick
and Rowan carry their plates and cups into the kitchen.
GOOD MORNING!!! WE’RE AWAKE!!! Cries out Nick as he runs to his Aunt Jackie jumping into
her lap. She gives him a big warm hug. She says, did you sleep good?? Yes, says Nick. Rowan
goes back and puts the towel into the laundry room. He runs as fast as he can amd jumps into
his dads lap. MORNING DADDY OH!!! Morning Rowan as he hugs his son tightly. They look at
each other and laugh. Well son, how did you sleep?? Really good I love having Nick stay over.
We played Wii then went to sleep. Will said, YOU PLAYED WHAT?? UNTIL HOW LATE?? Rowan
said, BUT DAD WE COULDNT SLEEP. Nick was a little scared so we put the head phones on and
played Wii until we started getting sleepy. I tucked Nick in and turned off everything then fell
alseep. He was getting to be such a big boy. Nicks hair all tussled from his sleep. Aunt Jackie
said, Oh my Nick..You look like your Opa Ryks. You look like the wild man of Borneo. Laughing
out loud. Nick jumps down from Jackie’s lap and says, Come on Rowan lets get dressed. It
was cold snowy blustery cold outside. You could hear the wind whip by the house. BRRRR…
Rowan said to Nick. Then all of the sudden Rowan noticed the Reese Cups were missing from
the television stand. Rowan said Nick did you eat any of the Reese Cups last night?? No.
Remember we stacked them up in a triangle. HMMMM. Pyramid Nick. Maybe they fell back
behind the T.V. They noticed a few dust bunnies looking up at them. Hi Rowan and Nick said
the dust bunnies. Hi Guys!! Have you seen any Reese Cups. As they looked underneath the
bottom of the T.V. stand. They said, nope we dont see anything. Rowan and Nick said OK
thank you. Your welcome they said. Well if you didnt eat them and I didnt eat them. NICK!! IT
WAS DADDY I BET. Actually my daddy is the donut monster. WHAT!!?? said Nick says in
surprise. HE IS!!! Ya says Rowan.. You cannot keep donuts around daddy. We went to Dunkin
Donuts one night when I was younger. The man looks at Jackie and said, How many would you
like?? She said 12 please. The man gets a small box and starts putting donuts into the box
Rowan giggles at the memory. YOUR GONNA NEED A WAY BIGGER BOX!!! MY DADDY’S THE
DONUT MONSTER. We all laughed it was so funny.
As Rowan smiled, Nick we have to find those reese cups Nick. Nick said, MAYBE A MOUSE
TOO THEM?? HMMMM.. They let their imaginations kick it in. They both pictured a mouse trying
to pick and take the reese cups without knocking them down. Nah, said Rowan. Nick says kind
of scared at his own thought. ROWAN MAYBE IT WAS A GHOST??!! They let their imagination
go. They picture the ghost trying to grasp the reese cups and the laugh out loud. He just
couldnt grab one, as it went right thru his hands. Nick, Daddy and Jackie dont allow ghosts
here. Dont worry about that said Rowan. Nick smiled at Rowan and said OK and gave a high
five. Rowan thinks to himself, daddy is being funny. So they leave out of the realm of make
believe. Rowan calls out, DAD, DAAAD, DAAAAAAD!!! Will from the livingroom say, YES ROWAN
IN HERE SON. Rowan and Nick walk into the livingroom. Ok dad! Did you eat our reese cups??
How about mine Uncle Will says Nick. You know you being the donut monster and all. Nick
smiles. You hear Jackie laugh loudly from her chair reading the paper. The paper was shaking
with her laughter. AUNT JACKIE DID IT!!! says Nick. NOOOOO, says Aunt Jackie, I cant eat that
anymore sorry boys. Rowan neither myself or or you dad ate them. OOOOOK…. As the boys
darted down the hallway of dreams into the realm of make believe. You hear the boys laughing
and rough play. Lets play Wii says Nick!! YEAH says Rowan. Thru the day into the late
afternoon the boys played and laughed. Getting to know each other. Rowan felt like he had
little brother, and Nick felt like he had a big brother. Nick had a wonderful big Alexis, she was
away at college. Mommy and daddy were on a trip to St. Louis for dads job. Nick wanted to
meet Rowan and Rowan wanted to meet Nick. So it worked out perfect.
Its dusk and both Nick and Rowan are ready to take their baths. Rowan decided to go first.
Nick said it was good with him he wanted to finish playing his game on Wii. Rowan showered
dried off and got dressed. He was about to brush his teeth. When he looked up, he saw written
on the steamy mirror was  More Reeses Please  .. He brushed his teeth and quickly came
out of the bathroom. Nick was not there. HMMMMM>>>> I bet Nick took the reese cups and
hid them as a joke. he turned to look at the beautiful delicious pyramid of… WAAAAAIT A
MINUTE!!! Rowan said to himself. WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE REESE CUPS???!!!! All of
them are GONE NOW!!! He saw this strange glow and heard like chattering of.. metal…. He
pulled up his jammie pants high. Quickly he jumped and looked behind the dressor,
AHAAAAAA!! he yelled as Rowan was startled backwards at the sight before him. A small
spaceship with a … LITTLE BLUE MAN.. WITH ORANGE HAIR… Rowan backed up. WHAT IS
GOING ON HERE?? Rowan then said, OH WOW!! Hi little guy!! Come out, so I can see you. As
Warnot manuevered his ship from behind the dressor. Rowan heard a noise like paper being
dragged along the wall. They looked at each other. Soo says Warnot with a smile U.R. his boy??
Rowan in disbelief reaches forward to touch the ship. It was cool and slippery to the touch.
Yyyyes. I am a boy. You said HIS BOY?? who did you mean. Your father is William?? Yes says
Rowan surprised. I have known William for many many reeesapas. Whats a reeespa asked
Rowan. On your planet it means years. Rowan smiled so big when he found out his dad was
friends with him. Where are you from?? Whats your name?? How did you meet my dad?? My
name is Warnot Ryks. I come from Reesotopia, where for many years my government has had
an intergalactic contract with Hershey Inc. We use our abundant natural resources of chocolate
and peanut butter to produce the mouth watering candy known as Reese Cups. With a gleam in
his eyes, a grin on his face, two thumbs up he completes his sales pitch for his planet. Rowan
from side to side, up and down. It didnt work this strange black looking thing was stuck to his
ship. Rowan says, do you mind if I help?? Sure says Warnot. Rowan pulled off the wrapper. It
Warnot hung his head. Yes.. Yessss. It was me. Why didnt you ASK, you just took them??
Warnot looked at Rowan with his big round eyes. I am sorry. It was a long long flight from my
planet. When I got here, it smelled like home. AWWWW.. OK Warnot I understand. They started
to discuss how he knew his dad and how he found him again.
Nick finished his game and he heard a strange noise coming from the hallway. Then a
whizzzzz go right by the door. Rowan was still in the shower. Well, I’m a big boy thought Nick. I
will go and look by myself. Grabbing his trusty plastic holster placing his cap guns in their
holder. He then puts his cowboy hat on. He then says, OK PILGRIMS, LETS SEE WHAT YA
GOT!!. He puts his back to the wall easing his way down the hallway. He sees the sink light on
then he hears noises.. VVVVVZZZZZZZRRRRR.. What is Aunt Jackie doing?? He jumps thru the
doorway, creeping around the corner of the chopping block island. The noise getting louder.
What could it be?? NICK FEELS SCARED UNTIL….. He feels his trusty cap guns and they are
loaded. FUN>> FUN>> FUN>>!!! Nick hears tiny voices argueing. HUH. he thinks. He destinctly
hears… BUT I WANT BAMI!!!! WING LING… NOOOOOO!!! says Bing Ha Whoo to his twin sister
Wing Ling Ha Whoo. I love egg rolls brother!! BUT cant we take a little bami.. I HAVE
we need egg rolls to get home!! Nick walks from the side of the counter in total amazement.
His mouth open he says out loud.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH AUNT JACKIE’S EGG ROLLS!!!
Frozen in place, they slowly turn around shakings with fear. They were caught!! As their eyes
adjust they see a little boy in a cowboy hat, little boots, and plastic six shooters in both hands.
totally stop what they are doing and turn around. What are you?? Who are you?? Why are you in
my Uncle Will’s and Aunt Jackie’s refrigerator?? Shrugging they both start talking at once in
Eggrolian. Nick says, STOP!! He holsters his guns in exasperation. One at a time please. As
they both step forward. They take hands and bow in unison. I am Bing Ha Whoo and this is my
twin sister Wing Ling Ha Whoo. We are from the planet Eggrolla in the Trossi galaxy. We need
fuel Nick Welsh Sheriff. We are so sorry to disturb. Well says Nick, if you need food thats ok.
My Aunt Jackie makes the best egg rolls. Wait as small as you are, how are you eating them??
They are so big?? How do you get them on the ship?? Nick exploded with questions. We use the
S.H.A.R.P. it is the (FUEL SUPPLY HARNESS AND REMOTE PROSTHETIC). So its a shrink ray. I
see. They show Nick how it works, they grab onto an eggroll as it moves thru on the conveyor it
becomes smaller. We zap it like this, says Wing Ling. Then it goes into our storage under the
ship for when we get hungry and we need fuel. Sooo, your ship eats egg rolls?? asks Nick.
Nooo says Bing Ha. We eat the egg rolls. Nick scratches his head. I dont understand. Could
you explain it better. I am only 6 years old. Oh ok says Wing Ling. See, we eat them and we
make the ship go with our brains and thoughts. WE tell the ship to fly. Ya… Ok.. says Nick
unbelieving of what he is hearing. Can you make me small like you?? asks Nick. Ummm, yes
we could. It has been a long long time tho. How come?? asks Nick. Well your Aunt Jackie grew
up. She isnt little anymore and has a family now. Most kids of the people we protect cant see
us. They dont believe in make believe and play video games, phones, computers and they look
past us. BUT YOU BELIEVE?? RIGHT NICK. That is how you can see us. Nick grabs his toy
guns and ducking behind the counter. BANG.. BANG.. BANG…….I take the bad guys to jail.


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