The Spooky House of the VTI Circle Carterville, Illinois By Jacqueline Eyster

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Stories By Jackie & William Eyster

The Spooky House of the VTI Circle Carterville, Illinois
We used to live on the VTI Circle in Carterville, Illinois. It housed EMPLOYEES from the Marion Prison. It was a giant circle of homes that were like over 100 years old back then. SCARY CREEPY AND HAUNTED THEY WERE!!! Anyway whole other story. I remember we moved from the Haunted House in Herrin. SERIOUSLY!! The home we lived in was beautiful. But the stairs had been removed from the house and the entire upstairs was walled up. I used to get this scared feeling when I went by there and never knew why until years later. Anyway. We moved out of the scary house to a really scary house. I remember the 1st night we were there. I kept hearing noises from behind the wall. I heard chains. Then I would smell pipe tobacco. I would hear singing like old blues. Really sad. NOT NORMAL..
Anyway, we got moved in and all of the kids from the circle would play together. It was funny we had a great mix of people there. We were talking and a few of the kids that lived in the other houses started to talk about hearing things and seeing things. I was like HUH!! I then chimed in and told them what I heard when we moved in. These homes still had coal shutes and you got that black smoke and stains on the ceilings. We are talking 1976/1977. That night my twin sisters and I went up to bed. They had a queen size bed on one side of the attic sized bedroom. I had a full size on the other side. I lay down with my book. We had finished watching “Family” with Kristy McNichols. She was young then. I looked over and the twins were alseep. I felt my eyes getting heavy as I started to fall. I awoke and it was dark. I went to move and there was someone on both sides of me!!! I yelled, my sisters yelled!! it was them. I said. Why are you in my bed? They said they got scared. And they pointed to the door that separated our room from the unfinished side. In the light showing in thru the window. You could see it swinging back and forth. No wind, the windows were closed. Then I realized.. WHERE IS OUR NIGHT LIGHT AT?? I said, did you turn out the light. Tanya says no Ollie I didn’t. Nicky says I didn’t either Ollie. OK. I was the big sister scared out of my mind. We kept hearing stuff. Out of the corner of my eye I caught something I am not sure what it was. I knew me and my sisters had visitors. I just knew it. So I got brave I edged my way to the end of the bed. My sisters hugging each other. I was gonna run for it!!!
Then suddenly, the door between the room blew open and stayed like that. WE SCREAMED DAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD!!!! We hear running coming up the stairs. My dad throws on the lights. What is going on up here!! GO TO SLEEP!! He closes the open door and I say.. Wait dad. I run fast slide to a stop and turn on the light and run back and jump in bed. Dad turns and says I love you. GO TO BED. Then he backs up and turns on the light and tells the twins to get into their own bed. They jump from mine to theirs careful not to touch the floor. He goes down stairs and they jump back onto my bed. I put my arms around them. We fell asleep. Within an hour the door started back up and the weird floaty thing that swam thru the air started. I could hear crying, soft singing,chains. I closed my eyes really tight and pulled my sister close then woke up the next day. I was not happy. I AM TELLING MY MOM!!!
I said Mom something weird happened. She said Jacqueline the house has spirits in it. It is ok. I saw them when we 1st looked at the house. My mom always had that gift. It never scared her. I wanted to be brave like her. I said. WAIT. You and Dad knew and you took it ANYWAY!! She said. Yes. but you will be fine. Just tell them to go away and not to bother you. In my mind I stood there thinking. A dirty word came to mind!! I just didnt say it. I would have gotten whacked. She said now go outside and play. I have alot to do. I was happier then hell to get out of that house and play. But I went back in and I told her. Mom if you need us we are out in the yard. She said here take the baby and go and play. So I took Denise Ryks Housemans little hand and we went out to play with Nicole and Tanya in the yard. But that is the way it was with that house until we moved out and my dad bought a house in Crainville, Illinois. Growing up in Illinois. You cannot tell me that place wasn’t the most haunted.
Another quick story. We had seen this mystery man. I will never forget it. WE were on our way to chinese food in Carbondale, Illinois at John Wangs new Restaurant. YES. it even had a WESTERN THEME AND HE WORE A COWBOY HAT. If anyone remembers that. We got to a spot and my dad saw a Native American guy walking with long dark hair in a suit. WE picked him up and gave him a ride. He took my hand and was so sweet. But he smelled funny and his eyes looked funny. He was staring at my mom and said he thought he knew her. Funny thing. My mom felt the same thing. We dropped him off and went to wave. He wasn’t there!! It was cold. There was nothing to shield him OR ANYWHERE FOR HIM TO HIDE!! IT WAS A GHOST!! Weird huh!! Its all true. I was kind of weirded out a few times since then. I know when we were moving here. I kind of felt like that crazy 5 year old bouncing around the back seat of the station wagon after that long ride from Danbury Connecticut. I would yell are we to Illeenoise yet daddy!!?? My mom saying Jackie look out the back window. I climbed over the seat and was stuck in between the suitcases. To me it was the one place I always thought of as home