Esmoid Ellsworth Meaner Elf Written by Jacqueline & William Eyster

Esmoid Ellsworth Meaner Elf
Written by Jacqueline & William Eyster

As all of the elves busied themselves. Esmoid Ellsworth better known as Meaner Elf was bored. Happicai Elf came up smiling and said whats wrong with Meaner?? I am bored said Meaner Elf. I have built toys, I have made cookies with Mrs Claus, I helped refit Santa’s sleigh with the C.N.O.R.R.T (Candy Nuclear Outburst Rocket Reindeer Thruster) in which you worked hand n hand with Scooter Doo Industries North Pole Defense Initiative. you helped plow all of the snow, I went on the cave expeditions to find new speariment and peppermint caverns, I biked the Swiss Elf Alps, I ran the Shorty 100 in New Elf City, raced a Soap Box Racer at the IndyElf 250. . I think I need to try maybe gift wrapping!! AS the idea made his eyes light up light Christmas Tree Lights.. SEE said Happycai Elf. Happycai Elf and Meaner met many years ago. when he was helping Mrs Claus make cookies and candie for the childrens stockings.
There are many jobs here you havent tried. Meaner Elf went to see Santa. Hello Santa, well Hello Meaner Elf! How are you today? In a better mood I see. Well, maybe. I was wondering if I could try gift wrapping. Santa looked at Meaner Elf. You know Meaner Elf that you cannot get angry and just tape things anyway you want. You have to do everything precisely when you cut the corners they have to match up. Your bows have to be straight. I will tell you what Meaner Elf, you take the gift wrapping class and pass. I will put you on the Gift Wrappers Team. OK said Meaner Elf he even smiled!! I can do this. Meaner Elf went down the Holly Hallway to where all of the Elf Professors were working diligently to get their graduates done before Christmas Eve. Excuse me Professor Elf Grouch Master. Ya!! What do you want? I am Meaner Elf and I would like to take the 1 day Gift Wrapping Class. Where do I sign up?? You need to go 2 doors down and see Professor Elf Sweet Pea, thank you he said. Meaner Elf went down the Holly Hallway and tapped on the door. Hellloooooo said the voice. Do come in!! He came thru the door to see such a beautiful sight. Wrapping paper of varied colors, bright bows, colored tape. OH BOY!! Are you starting the class? Ummm yes I am Professor Sweet Pea. There is an empy spot right over there. He marched over and was ready to attack his pile of gifts. OK class are we ready. YES!! They alll shouted out together. OK lets pull our paper out. Meaner Elf grabbed the paper and pulled. Not realizing it was loose, it shot across the table and down the side. He was flushing green as he rolled the paper back. And of course the roller Squeaked, squeaked, squeakeeeeek. OK. Now that you have your paper pulled evenly. Grab your first toy and place it in the middle of the paper. And….. Meaner Elf grabbed the toy and put it in the middle and started pulling the paper up around it. He was taping when. Professor SweetPea says. No Meaner Elf. Just place it in the middle. It is not a race. I am going to show you corner by corner how to wrap beautifully the most intricate toy. So Meaner Elf pulled all of the paper apart.
SLOWLY drew the paper to the end of the table. and lifted the corner and slid it to the center of the box. Very good. Now a small piece of tape. Holding the wrap with one hand and pulling the tape with the other was going to be hard. Meaner Elf grabbed the tape and gave it a good tug and the tape flew at him going 100 miles an hour. He was covered with tape. Professor Sweet Pea came over. she smiled and gently help pull the tape from Meaner Elf. He was not happy and getting edgy. Small pieces she said. Meaner Elf put a piece on it. He pulled the tape with his thumb and had to peel it off. So it wouldnt stick. So he grabbed another piece. Ok it stuck enough. grab the other peice of wrapping paper and pull it up to meet that piece said Professor Sweet Pea. He gently grabs the other piece and pulls it over. Pull it taut, Meaner Elf pulled it more. No wrinkles class. So he pulled a little bit more and a little bit more and RRRRRIIIIPPPP.. The class looked at Meaner Elf. He smiled and quickly removed everything pulled the paper to the edge of the table and recovered himself. OK both sides taut and taped. Now he looked at the edges. He pictured just rolling them up and taping them. now we need to corner each side so that it folds in with now creases. Now he is starting to sweat a little bit.. If it should tear a little it is ok. It will hide in the fold. Meaner Elf thought, WHEW I GOT THIS!!!
Meaner Elf brought the corners together perfectly. GREAT JOB MEANER ELF!! He smiled. This could be fun!! He completed and taped his package. OK now comes the bow. Carefully take the edge of the ribbon and PULL SLOWLY MEANER ELF she said with a wink. He pulled the sliver n white ribbon. OK.. We are going to loop n tape then we will cut and fray the ends. Meaner Elf was getting the hang of it quickly. Slow down Meaner Elf. WE are not in a rush here. Take your time she turned on the Christmas Music and they all began to dance as the wrapped gifts.
Meaner Elf worked thru the class following the instructions of Professor Sweet Pea to the T. He was then walking around class showing everyone how to make the corners with out ripping them. Making beautiful ribbons and bows. He was very proud of himself and everyone was thankful for his help. The class ended and Professor Sweet Pea brought his certificate he was so happy. He said good bye to his classmate and off down the Holly Hallway he walked. HernyYeller Elf yelled out, MEANER ELF!! Come have some warm drink with us!!! I have to see Santa 1st. OK said HernyYeller Elf I will wait for you here. Meaner Elf went to find Santa. He found him checking his list twice of course. Excuse me said Meaner Elf he was so excited. I did it Santa!! Can I go on the Gift Wrappers Team??!! He handed Santa his certificate proudly. Very nice said Santa. Can you start on 2nd shift? Yes I can. OK, need our best wrappers that will make everything look great for the children. Thank you Santa. Your most welcome.
Meaner Elf strolled back to “Coffee n Candy Shack” . Hey there HernyYeller Elf!! I am going to gift wrapping for Santa. Iye he said. I guess you wont be chopping down candy canes with us workers. Well you do what you feel you would like better said HernyYeller as he slapped Meaner Elf on the back. HernyYeller was a stout and strong elf. He is part Wee Viking on his fathers side and part Irish Leprechaun on his mothers side. He was quite loud as he wore his viking horns proudly. Do you think you will like this job? I think so said Meaner Elf. It is different and I definetly wont get bored. Why are you bored so much Meaner Elf? You did all kinds of stuff when you were a young Army Elf you were the Sgt. of Santa’s Secret Squirrel Action Team. I thought that would be enough but I guess that isnt enough. You need that much excitement he smiled. Well put on a happy face Meaner Elf and know u have done well for yourself. Meaner Elf finished up his visit and got back to getting some rest before his shift. Meaner Elf walked back thru Santa’s Work Shop and out into the cold blowing wind. As he got into his elf sled he headed for his house just off Garland Avenue. This place has built up to needing traffic lights. WOW.. Meaner Elf walked into the warmth of his home. He put wood on the fire. Plugged in his tree, showered and hopped into his comfy bed. He was off to sweet dreams by way of the cookie express.
He woke to his alarm of Christmas bells ringing. He stretched and very excitedly got himself ready. He poured a piping hot cup of Hot Chocolate with extra mint. He needed the energy.

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