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Stories By Jackie & William Eyster

“From the sky you shall jump and be merry..
From the ground you will spin your will in an old story..
From out of your life you shall write of great things..
From you shall Spring with rain of Mother Earth..
From Summer shall be kept warm all the blooms of rebirth..
From the Fall as the leaves will turn and rest at the trees feet..
Shall blow in the winter as he will cover the ground with deep sleep..
You will spin your spells and do your workings speaking with Mother Nature..
She is your religion, your love, your treasure..
So watch what you speak against one another..
Watch and do not burn candles to attract someones other..
To break up homes, lives, jobs, businesses and marriages that is to do unto a curse..
Think long and hard before you put trouble first..
The backlash you will cause will only be worse
Seek only those that seek you and clear your mind of all of the hurt..
Do Not believe the lie, be careful and mindful what is behind their eyes..
Look deep into them, look inside ..
They want what they want, they may bring challenge and jealousy into your life..
They will try to bring discourse and turn friends into foes needing a dime..
So when you lay your head on your pillow just right..
Be mindful what they have inside, make sure they are worthy and want just you..
To turn to their world might turn your heart from red to blue..
Think hard from your bedside tonight..
For what you send out from your room..
Your heart committed to spin the tales
Beneath The Witches Broom…………………..