Are You True To Your Belief? By Jackie- Taliesin Moonwolf

Good morning. I know it has been a while since I have been on Mystic Woman. I have had the chance to do alot of thinking and thru meditation. OH and just pure thought. Meaning doing what is right or wrong. I woke up this morning after having one of those dreams that I was fighting someone elses battles.  In my dream a young American woman was living in another country and was being hassled by this group of people that didnt want her and her family to succeed.  The father was a very important person and was there for the training of someone.  The daughter was being terrorized by locals out to make her look like she was doing wrong.  Someone had taken pictures of her naked without her being aware and sent them to some trashy magazine and they were published with an untrue story about her.  They were doing everything to tarnish her reputation and had talked trash to those she thought were her friends.  Using faked recordings of words sewn together.  Finding people that were hard up for cash in poor areas to claim they knew her and further corroborated their ridiculous story.  Soon the envy these people felt were going from city to city, country to country, state to state.  She felt she needed “eyes in the back of her head”.  I went to her to be those eyes.  I saw the eye rolls, the texting, taunting, phone calls being made in honor of what they had done to this beautiful young woman.  When she asked “WHY??”, they would utter. “WE NEEDED THE MONEY”, laughing they walked away leaving her alone.  She felt betrayed by Spirit and the Gods and Goddesses she prayed to.  I woke up from the dream just as she were lighting her candles to pray.  That is sacred and only between her and the Gods and Goddesses and Spirit.

I then realized something. Not only was that dream for her. BUT for me to realize something.  The way I see it personally.  In Paganism, you are responsible and accountable for what you send out.  It is easy in Christianity to blame the Devil for everything that you do wrong.  In my belief you get back what you send out.  That is why it is better to send out LOVE LIGHT ABUNDANT HEALTH ABUNDANT WEALTH AND A RENEWED LOVE FOR SPIRIT YOUR GUIDES YOUR ANGEL GODS AND GODDESSES. If something bad happens. I simply send it all back with love light abundant health wealth and hope you will renew your love for Spirit.  Why is it so easy to blame someone else? It just is I guess.  Have you ever walked by someone and you felt their animosity towards you?  I have and being Empathic doesnt help matters.

Even tho I know this person is envious, jealous, and actually has a special hatred.  I still send them love light abundant health wealth and a renewed love for Spirit.  They know they are doing wrong. BUT they just try to pull the wool over your eyes.  Even tho it is scratchy and itchy.  You still give them a chance.  Same thing with the spread of gossip by someone that cant seem to get to your plane and has tried bringing you down to them.  You still keep your head up and your face warm with the light.  I try to leave the house with a smile in my stomach.  I know you think it strange. I try to make my middle feel the warmth and happiness of a smile.  Then it rises up and puts a smile on my face and I hope encircles me in white light.

I have learned that being “Content with your life and spouse”.  That is a no no to most.  WHY you ask?? Because they do not have it.  They see what they want to be in you. Instead of working hard to make themselves shine and be the best THEY can be.  They bring that dark cloud with them.  You have a cloudless day going with sunshine. Before you know it, a storm is moving in and rocking your ship of love and light.  Then you try to ride out the storm with you friend or family and try to bring them out of the storm.  They want what you have now!! Give it to them!! You try to guide them to how you have done it.  BUT they have to do it themselves and cannot rely on you giving them your sunshine!! They need to look for the edge and glimmer of light.  And everyday thru their actions and working hard.  They can sail their ship into the sunshine and turn and see the darkness and clouds and stormy weather behind them.  I have been waking up knowing.. EVEN tho I might have a bad day.  There are many more good.

You may want to go to someones home and light candles and turn their home upside down.  Because you are asked.  When you go and do bad things to others in the name of someone else.  Do you really know that this person did this stuff?? Is the money and satisfaction you receive from that person, is that what you really want?? Life is so short.  I have lost family members to tragedy at the hands of the ones asked to do evil.  Clear your mind and your heart!! Embrace the light and enjoy love and renew yourself in being good.  You cannot go and buy hundreds of dollars in food and give it to a local pantry. Then go out and do horrific things. When you send out harm to others. Any Witch is prepared to defend themselves.  What is asked of you to do no matter if you say “With No Harm To Me or My Followers”. You were the one that dealt it. You were the one that breathed life into it.  You are the one that will get it back.  The right thing is to wish someone love and ask they get whatever it is they want.  I ask if they are that full of hate and animosity and they have to show that they can fly.  They need to say “I am a witch and will strike you down with my might!!”  They say dont give that person power.  I just send them love and send back whatever bad thoughts, gossip, congregating to send out bad stuff, either as a group, coven, friends or just yourself.  KNOW.. and if you teach it!! What you teach to others they take out upon the world.  KNOW and get to KNOW the person you are teaching this craft to. I have been accused of teaching people to move tree branches!! Control the wind!! BUT if they were a real teacher in their mind and heart.  They would have known I wasnt doing that.  I was explaining that if the concentrated on that BRANCH. Calm their mind and in their tiny mind.  Thru their Third Eye see yourself moving the branch.  I said this to a woman that was very upset and trying to bring problems and issues into my home that did not exist.  William and I put up “wards of protection”  that a Witch that lived behind us was trying to undue.  I asked that these people be moved onto greater things then bringing ill will on people.  They found their home in a den.  I wish them all love.  I have no fear, hatred or remorse for them and their actions.  ONCE they learn to close their mouths against people. That path they are looking for will appear suddenly and be a clearing to their dreams and rich in belief. Until then. YOU will hurt yourself and those around you by spread hatred and discourse.  That is not living your life, That is existing in it.. I neither pity or pay you any mind. Just send prayers to move you onto better things.

Sending blessings

Jackie – Taliesin Moonwolf