Good Morning 4:00 AM

Good morning!! I have noticed I am up anywhere between 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM.  I know the answer!! HOLDING UP MY HAND!! EW EW PICK ME!! I know!! MENOPAUSE!! OMG!! I am just so tired of hearng this.  My blood sugar sky rockets and I am being told to eat very lghtly.  I know.. My blood sugar would shoot high if I ate dirt.  I have found that I have to eat very carefully if its “around that time”.. My Mirena in which I like. It has quite a few side effects but it is what it is for now.  I keep thinking to myself. Am I the only one or is there others going thru this crap!!

I have to say that at this point I have to think.  So this was Gods (Christian belief) altho not mine.  Just using this as an example as to WHY??!! OH WHY??!! Strangely enough someone needs to go back in time and whoop Eve’s butt!! BUT I still have to question it.  Are you sure God being a man and all wasnt just protecting his precious Adam? I still think that Adam told Eve.  Hey Eve come here.  Eve said yes Adam.  He said,  its against man to eat from the tree of knowledge.  But it would probably be OK if you do it.  Go over there and pick that apple and lets look at it.  Eve said,  OK Adam and walked over and picked it.  Eve WOW that apple is beautiful. I wonder how it tastes?  You should take a bite of that apple Eve 😀 As Adam smiles Eve takes a big bite and BOOM!! Their clothes fly off and God appears. Adam turns to God and says.  Eve did it!! She took a bite and wanted to know how it tasted!! Mean while Eve the rib from Adam or MAN!! Admitted to it.  BUT do you notice thru history WOMEN seem to be the blame of the fall of cities and kingdoms.  That leads me to believe that WOMEN actually have way more power over men.

NOW!! Fast forward now.  The reason women go thru periods, splitting pain thru childbirth, feel pain differently.  Because Eve bit into the apple.  HMMMM.. Just dont buy it.  Just my opinion..

What do you think ?? Would the Goddesses go thru this too??