When To Let Go Of The Bad And Embrace the Good

I was up at 5:00am this morning. I meditated and was reading my 365 Goddess daily guide and my Witches Almanac 2017. Funny how when meditating I got a message telling me about an hour ago. Sometimes you need to clear out the old to make room for the new. I love and think highly of all of my friends. I may not agree with them but I respect their beliefs. I actually went thru my messages. I found messages I had not deleted from people that had issue with me. So off they went. I am realizing. The big tree of life has an abundance of apples on it. Not everyone is the same. Each have their own taste when you bite them, they are either soft or crisp. Some many not be as sweet as others. I dont want to be like anyone else. I want to be me. I dont want anyone to change unless the change is for the good and betterment of their life. I woke up and went out on my porch and watched the sunrise. I listened to nature all around me. It was awesome. The trees, the grass, the incredible music of Nature just singing along. I took my socks off and walked in the grass. I grounded myself. Then I came in and meditated for a bit.

I absolutely love our new home. It is like this house was tailored just for us. I remember telling our Real Estate Agent Jennifer Morris of of F.C. Tucker Company out of Indianapolis Indiana. NO!!! I HATE DANVILLE!!! How wrong I was and actually she found us what we wanted. I actually blinded myself due to unpleasant things that happened living in North Salem. I have a client that sat me down. I wanted so badly to get something I wanted. Yet what I wanted was right before my eyes. Funny thing was my heart new it was the right place. Other feeling and people associated with it made me say NO!! We looked and looked. WE had a few things connect. After a while we just started truly just saying yes to anything. That is when Jennifer said Whoa.. there are alot of homes. But actually what you are looking for is in Danville Jackie. OK my spine stiffened she said you should at least look at it. Its funny I showed it to my client. She said well what is wrong with it? I said well and went into the bad luck. My client held up her hand, she said Is is in your price range? I said Yes. She said you wanted something close but not to far out with a little property fenced in? I looked down and I said Yes. Big kitchen? 2 bathrooms so you and William dont fight over the bathroom am I correct? I said Yes. Well my opinion and its just my opinion, I think you should call your agent and just go and see it. So I called Jennifer and one of her colleagues showed us the home. WE fell in love the moment we pulled up. William and I both new THIS WAS THE HOUSE!!! There have been things that needed to be done. The previous owners were awesome and did everything asked. I couldnt be happier in our Little House on the Hill. i admit, Jennifer actually knew more about what we wanted then we did. 😀

I realize I was holding tight to all the bad stuff and I wouldnt get any further until I let go of the bad and embrace the good. Our agent really tried. Jennifer came thru like a champ and actually had shown us this house in the beginning. She has been doing this for many years. I guess I thought no one truly could find my dream house. She did and we are very grateful to her and F.C. Tucker Company but none of this wouldn’t have been possible without the work of Kim Hockaday of Ruoff Mortgage. Kim showed me that miracles can happen. The team work of Kim and Jennifer made very wish that William and I laid and talked about and dreamed about come true. Its funny I wake up in the morning and I walk out into our dining room and go to the kitchen to grab coffee. I feel that tightness in my chest and tears come to my eyes. I know why the previous owner loved this house so much. It has its own character and spirits here. Sometimes people do not see the many ives a home has lived but I do. It is peaceful and quiet. Of course it needs some TLC it was worn in 1926 with alot of love. The previous owners took very good care of it. The life force in this home is still very much alive. I sometimes dream of a many with a beard and a hat with a cigar hanging out of his mouth. I see and hear a laugh. I would not want to be anywhere else on earth. This is our home and we love it.

I have been so stubborn in the past that I had alot of opportunity pass me by. You know how people come into your life for one reason or another. I believe in Angels and Guides. I remember William and I praying and lighting candles and saying, when Spirit? Did you forget about us. We couldnt get a call back from anyone. The our Angel girl called us. We have the most amazing neighbors and live in the greatest town!! We are very blessed. We even have a train the goes by!!! We love it and run thru the house yelling CHOO CHOO!!! That was actually one of the selling points. Will and I are very grateful to everyone that helped us to attain our dream. I am working on getting rid of that streak of negativity and I am realizing something also. If you see the negative actions in people and feed into it. It will only get worse. I just smile and back away and dont feed into it anymore. Positive is what I am putting out. Thats it. BUT I will protect myself and my family magically if I have too. Best wishes for a great day. Many blessing to you on this gorgeous Sunday 😀

Jai Eyster / Mystic Woman Podcast Blog