“From the sky you shall jump and be merry..
From the ground you will spin your will in an old story..
From out of your life you shall write of great things..
From you shall Spring with rain of Mother Earth..
From Summer shall be kept warm all the blooms of rebirth..
From the Fall as the leaves will turn and rest at the trees feet..
Shall blow in the winter as he will cover the ground with deep sleep..
You will spin your spells and do your workings speaking with Mother Nature..
She is your religion, your love, your treasure..
So watch what you speak against one another..
Watch and do not burn candles to attract someones other..
To break up homes, lives, jobs, businesses and marriages that is to do unto a curse..
Think long and hard before you put trouble first..
The backlash you will cause will only be worse
Seek only those that seek you and clear your mind of all of the hurt..
Do Not believe the lie, be careful and mindful what is behind their eyes..
Look deep into them, look inside ..
They want what they want, they may bring challenge and jealousy into your life..
They will try to bring discourse and turn friends into foes needing a dime..
So when you lay your head on your pillow just right..
Be mindful what they have inside, make sure they are worthy and want just you..
To turn to their world might turn your heart from red to blue..
Think hard from your bedside tonight..
For what you send out from your room..
Your heart committed to spin the tales
Beneath The Witches Broom…………………..


The “Mystic Woman” In ALL Women

Hello everyone I am Jai Eyster or Jackie Eyster.  I started this Podcast/Blog for the simple fact. I think all of us as women can learn from each other. I don’t care what your nationality is OR your sexual preference, your religious background is yours and yours alone.  Women walk many paths. We wonder when we are old enough what are we going to do when we grow up. We grow up and wish we could go back to the day we thought about what we wanted to be.  I grew up as Roman Catholic, Methodist, Southern Baptist.  I always knew I was a child of Nature. I loved anything I could find on Paganism, Shamanism, Natural Magic.  Mother Nature and her beauty were my church. I remember so many times. I don’t want to go to church. I want to go to church outside.  I loved music, poetry, drawing, cooking.  Anything outside the norm. I knew I was empathic at a very young age. It is funny almost everyone on my dads side was the same way. I could see things and had feelings when something supernatural was going on. I had very vivid dreams that either came true or were some type of warning to me.  I am a believer in UFO’s and I know we are not the only life.  I believe this planet is billions of years old. I believe in dinosaurs.  That is just my opinion.

I have been involved in music since I was 5 years old and sang with my mom at the Energy Methodist Church in Illinois.  I write my own poetry, lyrics and 1/2 of the music for my songs that I have created with others. If I didn’t use my keyboard. I used my voice to sing out how I wanted it to go. I have never had “lessons” from a teacher or instructor. Basically because I had allergies and breathing problems singing was good for me.  I can cook just about anything.  I love cooking as music as I love music and breathing.  LOL 😀 I love to write short stories using past experiences and dreams and combine the two with my own unique sense of style.  I can draw.. well.. MEH>> I try.. LOL.. It is what it is.. 😀

I am a people person. I love caring for others sometimes to the point where I get sick.  I have hardened over the years and not the push over some thought I was and now people confuse me being firm as being a B!&*H.  I am not and I have a big heart, I choose to not be taken advantage of or walked on ever again. You cannot keep doing for others all of the time, then when you ask for help they turn their back.  The self righteous I can do without. I do not listen to idle gossip and chit chat and take it as a GOSPEL TRUTH..That is wrong to me.  I think people are sent my way as lessons.  But being empathic is difficult.  I used to ignore what I saw in people. Now it is like a dull hum that lets you see them thru colored glasses not rose colored.

I have people that don’t like me because I grew up and changed myself.  I have told my share of lies and over exaggerated, I was bossy and could be mean hearted  when I was young. That is not what I am now. So get over it. The more you drudge up old wounds and problems, the less time you have to heal your own past. GUESS WHAT!! I AM 49 NOT 13.  I want to use this podcast blog for us to discuss real woman issues and all that falls in between. It is more difficult coming into what you really know about yourself then what you see in the mirror.  I am not what I see in the mirror. Women go thru a lot with their bodies and minds. Men often time call us drama queens.  WELL IF YOU LEAKED, CRAMPED, HAD TO PEE ALL THE TIME, ACNE AS A TEEN, ACNE AS AN ADULT, CRIED BECAUSE.. WELL. YOU DON’T KNOW WHY!! We gain weight, loose weight, we have stretched our bodies and vaginas out.  Seriously!! Lets be honest. There is room for our bladders to slip, we loose our hair.  And this is just a few things to mention on the topic of Menopause.  You know I actually laughed. I had called my GYN to tell her I wanted to go ahead with the Mirena. My menstral cycle was so bad that I had become seriously anemic and needed a blood infusion.  The young MA says to me, Mrs Eyster can I ask you a question. I said sure.  She said, Your 48 are you worried about getting pregnant at your age?? I started laughing.  I said didn’t they teach you about why sometime Mirena or Birth Control or an Oblation would be a necessity to help with menstral bleeding.  She was very sweet and really had a misconception as to why I would need such a thing.

I have suffered horribly with the change. I went thru nothing that my mom had. I have hot flashes, crying boughts BUT!! I have adult acne, facial hair growth due to PCOS and heurstism, my eye brows fell out.  I have suffered many miscarriages.  I am lucky that my new husband WILLIAM EYSTER JR tries so hard to be understanding.  But I can become needy and whiny. Again, all something a woman cannot do anything about without medication or some type of theraphy or Natural herb treatment.

It seems that since I started Menopause. I have changed in ways that certain things do not bother me. Like I have become fearless. Nothing really bothers me. Now things will make me angry. Stupidity to a Menopausal Woman is like nails on a chalk board!! Its like we have been handed a book that says. Remember when you asked why?? Here is your answer.  Now this is a secret language only women of a certain age understand.  MEN DO NOT UNDERSTAND!! I don’t care how many hormones you take.  We bleed right after we are born.. Then it starts up again between 11 and 13 and never stops!! I am not trying to be self rightous but honest.  I see things so differently now.  I remember when I was young and 1st married.  I was thinking OMG!! When I had a fight with my Ex Husband and I would cry and carry on and my older girlfriends would hug me and cry then laugh and say. When you hit my age you will see things thru a different window.  It will seem funny and you will do the same thing for someone else that I am doing for you.  MEN Cheat, Lie, Run Around. Stick it everywhere but the electrical outlet.  You will become tough like teflon.  I was like WTH.. TEFLON??!!  How right she was.  Its funny I can almost guess what a man is going to do.  I even tell my husband when he is rubber necking it. I found out it is normal.  THAT IS A MAN THING. They toe the water for a bit. Until you have had enough and shove them in that freezing cold water.  I am amused now. I just make no bones about it.  I also do not have a working that switch.  It is not set to manual.  I have lived over half of my life.  So I make no bones about it.  I will be honest and will tell you the truth or I can lie to you and make you feel better about a situation.  I don’t know all and I go to my elders to ask questions. Trust me they say. Stupid girl you already know the answer.  You have learned the hard way.  You tell the young ones once.  They to have to learn the hard way.

Anyway that is a little about me and what brought me to my lifes point now.  I have lived quite a life.  I am surprised I am alive as wild as I was when I was young.  I am a recovered alcoholic, redeemed smoker of 5 happy years.  I am learning more about myself everyday. People change and the grow like the trees.  They shed their leaves and go in new directions.  Don’t hold someone to an old image you have of them.  They have been thru many changes.  I am in awe of some women I have seen struggle and some have it easy.  Then get to this point and strike it rich and find their place.  I love my grandmothers, sisters, aunts and all those beautiful Spirits in all of us that come out fighting. I love you:)

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